• Inspiring the world, creating the future, with our dedicated customer support.
    Inspiring the world, creating the future, with our dedicated customer support.
    • Samsung Electronics Canada, in partnership with eSSENTIAL Accessibility, offers a free assistant technology app that helps people with disabilities navigate the web, enhancing customer service through a more inclusive online experience.

      This application will assist users who have trouble typing, moving a mouse or reading due to conditions such as:

      Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson disease
      Cerebral Palsy
      Visual impairment Literary deficiencies
      Other reading issues

  • Ease of Use with Mobile Accessibility
    Ease of Use with Mobile Accessibility
    • With a commitment to developing innovative technologies that broaden accessibility for all, Samsung's mobile phones and tablets offer intuitive and easy-to-use technical solutions — like Talk Back, Mono Audio and Assistant Menu — that help to improve the user experience for people with vision, hearing, dexterity and other limitations.

  • Samsung LOOK AT ME App
    Samsung LOOK AT ME App
    • The Samsung Look at Me Project and App

      In partnership with Autism Speaks Canada, Samsung has donated over 1200 tablets loaded with the Look at Me app to families that have children with autism and autism service organizations. Learn more (link stays the same)

      The Look at Me app is designed to help children on the autism spectrum improve eye contact and learn to recognize facial expressions. The app keeps children motivated and focused by using the camera function of digital devices that often appeal to children’s interests. It also features a point system, themed missions, various rewards, and visual or sound effects to keep children engaged. Download the app (link stays the same)

  • Convenient Website Navigation Guide
    Convenient Website Navigation Guide
    • Samsung makes every effort to ensure that its products and services are convenient for all customers, including people with disabilities and the elderly. We are constantly working hard to increase the accessibility of our website and are committed to a world where every user can easily communicate and enjoy a better life.

  • Explore an Exciting Career with Samsung
    Explore an Exciting Career with Samsung
    • Do you believe in the power of technology to help shape a brighter future and a stronger global community? Are you inspired by the diverse possibilities? Are innovation, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence part of your innate drive? If you'd like to be part of an amazing team, we would love to hear from you!