How Do I Perform A Complete Restore In Samsung Recovery Solution 4?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018

Samsung Recovery Solution 4

This restores the PC to the condition it was in when the Complete Backup was made. If a Complete Backup was never made, this can still be used to restore the PC to its initial status. (Out of the Box condition)

WARNING: A Complete restore erases all current files, settings, programs, and other data and replaces them with the files, settings, programs, and other data contained in the Complete Backup. In other words, it restores your computer to the way it was when you made the Complete Backup. Also, note that any programs installed after the Complete Backup will still need to be reinstalled.


     • If you have data that you need to save, create a Data Backup before performing a Complete Restore. With Data Backup you can save your files to an external device and then use Data Restore to load those files back onto the PC.

     • If the computer powers on, but Windows does not load, press the F4 Key at the Samsung logo when you first power on the computer, and then go to step 2.

Perform a Complete Restore

1. Open Samsung Recovery Solution 4.


2. Once Samsung Recovery Solution 4 loads, click Restore. The Restore dialog appears.


3. Click Complete Restore. The Restore > Complete Restore dialog appears.


4. On the Restore > Complete Restore dialog, there is list of backups created using Complete Backup and the expected time needed to perform a restore with each backup. If no backups have been created then the Computer Initial Status backup is the only item listed. Click the backup you would like to use for this restore, and then click Next.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to have power connected to the PC. If power is lost during a restore, you need to start the process again from the beginning.

5. Samsung Recovery Solution 4 prompts you restart the computer to continue. Click OK to restart the computer.

WARNING: If you have data on drive C that you do not want to lose, stop now and perform a Data Backup.


6. The computer restarts and Samsung Recovery Solution 4 prompts you to click Yes to Delete all data on drive C. Click yes to proceed.


7. A progress bar appears showing the current transfer speed, the amount of data copied, elapsed time, and estimated total time to completion.


8. After the Complete Restore is complete, Samsung Recovery Solution 4 prompts you to restart your computer. Click OK to restart.


9. After you restart your computer, the restore process is complete.


     • You will need to perform an additional restart for Windows to apply it's changes.

     • Depending on the system, you may also receive a Hyperspace notification.

          • Click Reinstall to overwrite the current copy of Hyperspace.

          • Click Uninstall to remove Hyperspace from the computer.

          • Click Cancel to leave Hyperspace unchanged.

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