36" Built-in Chef Collection Refrigerator (BRF365200AP) - Moving the Appliance

Last Update Date : Jun 22. 2018
Moving the Appliance

Samsung recommends having professional move the refrigerator. Keep the refrigerator as upright as possible at all times during the move. If it is not possible, tilt the refrigerator on its back as little as possible. After the refrigerator is in its new location, allow a minimum of 1 hour before plugging the refrigerator in. If the refrigerator was tilted at any point, allow 24 hours before plugging the refrigerator in.

The provided information refers to refrigerators sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries.

Prepare the Refrigerator for TravelClick to Expand
Prepare the Refrigerator for Travel
1 Empty the refrigerator. Remove all food, ice, detachable accessories, and shelves.
2 Unplug the refrigerator and disconnect the water line, if connected.
3 If the refrigerator has a dispenser, dispense water until no more water comes out.
4 Verify that the front leveling legs are raised and not touching the floor.
5 Allow time for the refrigerator to defrost, and then wipe the refrigerator dry.

If there is time, this would be a good time to clean the refrigerator thoroughly. If the refrigerator will be off for some time before it is plugged back in again, a deodorizer (such as an activated charcoal vent filter) in each compartment may help prevent long-term odors.

6 Close the doors, and tie them shut using belts, ropes, straps, or cords. For door handles that are side by side, such as French doors, tie the handles together, or remove the handles.

It is recommended to transport the refrigerator with its doors attached. But do not tap the refrigerator. Tape may damage the finish or leave unsightly residue. Also, do not tie the refrigerator too tightly, as this may damage the refrigerator doors.

Move the RefrigeratorClick to Expand
Move the Refrigerator

• A moving dolly is required to move the refrigerator.

• Make sure the base of the dolly is big enough to support the refrigerator and keep it in an upright position.

• Make sure the straps on the dolly are large enough to go around the refrigerator.

• Remember that if the refrigerator must be tilted, this the refrigerator on its back as little as possible. When placing on the dolly, lean the refrigerator to its side, so the coils on the back of the refrigerator do not press against the dolly.

• It is significantly safer to move the refrigerator using 2 or 3 people. Do not try to move it alone.

• Make sure the refrigerator is stable during transit and will not tip or fall over. Keep it boxed in with other furniture strapped down, and leave it fastened to the dolly.

• After the refrigerator is in its location, allow a minimum of 1 hour before plugging the refrigerator in. If the refrigerator was tilted at any point, allow 24 hours before plugging the refrigerator in.

A small quantity of oil lubricates the internal parts of the compressor. Moving, tilting, or vibrating the refrigerator can cause the oil to leak out of the reservoir and into the piping. If the refrigerator is plugged in with a partially empty oil reservoir, the compressor can be damaged, causing cooling issues.

• Installation instructions for installing the refrigerator in its new location can be found in the user manual, or contact a professional installer.

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