DV50K7500EV - Electric Front-Load Dryer, 7.5 cu.ft - Dry pillows (DV50K7500EV)

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020


The best way to dry items is to follow the instructions on the care label. If no drying instructions are provided, use NORMAL cycle. We also recommend to add a couple of dry towels and two (clean) tennis balls to help the tumbling action and to fluff the pillows.

Important: Do not dry kapok or foam pillows using a heated drying cycle. You can dry these items in the dryer only if you use AIR FLUFF cycle.

Note: The provided information refers to the appliances sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ from appliances sold in other countries.

Drying guide for pillows

1. Place the pillow, two (clean) tennis balls and a couple of dry towels into the dryer. If your pillows are not too big you can dry two of them at the same time.

Important: To keep the performance and increase the lifetime of your dryer, keep dryer loads no more than two thirds of the drum's capacity. Half is even better.

2. Press POWER to turn the dryer on.

Pillows 1

3. Turn the cycle selector to NORMAL.

Pillows 2

4. Press START/PAUSE to start the selected cycle.

Pillows 3

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