How to set the baked potato function on my Electric Range (NE58K9500SG)?

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

Baked potato

The Healthy Cook feature provides a healthier cooking method for cooking rice casseroles containing vegetables, herbs, chicken breasts, etc. Baked potato function is specially designed to bake potatoes or sweet potatoes. When using this function, you do not need to preheat the oven prior to cooking. The cooking temperature and cooking time depends on the quantity and material.

Note: The provided information refers to the electric ranges sold in Canada.

How to set the baked potato function

1. Press Healthy Cook.

Baked potato 1

2. Press 2 on the number pad to select Baked potato.

Baked potato 2

3. The default temperature is 375 °F or 190 °C (depending on the temperature unit you are using). Enter the temperature you want to use on the number pad.

Baked potato 3

Note: For example, touch 2, 0 and 0 to set the temperature to 200 °C.

4. Press START/SET to begin cooking the baked potatoes.

Baked potato 4

5. Press OVEN OFF at any time to turn the feature off and stop the cooking process.

Cooking baked potatoes recommendations

Baked potato 5

The recommendations below are for reference only. When using any Healthy Cook function, you do not need to preheat the oven prior to cooking.

Quantity: 6 EA.

Rack position: 3.

Default temperature: 375 °F or 190 °C.

Oven temperature: 375 °F (or 190 °C) to 425 °F (or 218 °C).

Cooking time: 30 to 40 minutes.

General recommendations:

      • Put 6 potatoes on a tray or baking dish.

      • Do not cut the potatoes in half.

      • Season the potatoes after cooking if desired.

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