Samsung Dishwasher with WaterWall - Use the self clean function (DW80H9950US & DW80H9970US)

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020

Self clean function

Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your dishwasher. Not only does it improve performance, but it reduces unnecessary repairs over the dishwasher's lifetime. This is why we recommend to use the self clean function of your diswasher monthly.

Before using self clean verify the following: the dishwasher is empty, and detergent or distilled white vinegar is added.

Using the self clean function

1. Power on the dishwasher.


2. Touch the Self Clean button located near the center of the control panel.


3. Touch the Start button on the right side of the control panel, and close the door.



   • The Self Clean cycle only uses hot water.

   • The Self Clean cycle uses more water than any other cycle.

   • The Self Clean icon will appear after 20 - 22 cycles have run.

   • The Self Clean icon will automatically turn off once a Self Clean cycle has run, or after the 22nd cycle runs.

   • Once the cycle count resets, the Self Clean icon goes out, and then after running another 20 - 22 cycles, the icon will turn on again.

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