30" Chef Collection Microwave Combination Oven (NQ70M9770DM) - Using the Temperature Knob

Last Update date : Oct 04. 2020
Using the Temperature Knob

Use the Temperature Knob on the left or right side of the control panel to set the temperature for the upper Microwave oven and the Lower oven, respectively. For the upper oven, you can use this knob in Power Convection and Speed Power Convection features. For the lower oven, you can use this knob in Bake, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Steam Bake and Steam Roast features.

The provided information refers to ovens sold in Canada. For technical or legal reasons, the available settings and options may differ for cooking appliances sold in other countries.

Use the Temperature Knob
1 Turn the appropriate knob clockwise (+) or counterclockwise (-) and then release. The temperature will rise or fall by 5 °F.
Use the Temperature Knob
2 To change the temperature quickly by more than 5 °F, turn and hold the knob at the (+) or (-) position.

This oven provides two methods to set the temperature: the temperature knob or the numeric pad. To use the numeric pad, touch the temperature area. Touch the numbers on the numeric pad and then OK to set the temperature.

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