Samsung Refrigerator - Water leaks or a sheet of ice forms under the vegetable drawer

Last Update Date : Nov 10. 2018
Samsung Refrigerator - Water Leaks or a Sheet of Ice Forms Under the Vegetable or Crisper Drawers

Leaks can occur, even if a water line is not connected. Possible other sources could be from condensation forming inside the unit or a spill. Leaks and other liquids inside of the unit will tend to pool towards the bottom of the compartment (such as under the vegetable/crisper drawers for the refrigerator compartment of many models) and may even freeze over into a sheet of ice. In some cases, the leak could originate inside the compartment, but leak outside the compartment onto the floor.

The provided information refers to refrigerators sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for devices sold in other countries.

Identify the Source of the LeakClick to Expand

If a leak is occurring, first try to identify the source of the leak.

  • If the leak is occurring from the water line to the refrigerator, then the water line needs to be replaced or reinstalled. Instructions can be found in the user manual. If further assistance is needed, contact a professional installer.
  • If the leak is occurring from the coupler where the water line connects to the door, then the coupler needs to be reinstalled correctly. Instructions can be found in the user manual. If further assistance is needed, contact a professional installer.
  • If the source of the leak is visible and can be seen coming from the outside of the refrigerator, but not from one of the above two locations, service is required.
  • If the leak is occurring from the water filter or water filter housing, see the Leak from Water Filter section below.

Stop the LeakClick to Expand

If the source of the leak cannot be found, or is from inside the refrigerator and not the water filter housing, read on:

  • Clean the water or ice away and check again 2 to 3 hours later. It may be a spill that went unnoticed.
  • Verify the unit has not been powered off or left in Cooling Off/Demo Mode for an extended length of time. This can result in excessive condensation/moisture naturally building up inside the unit as the interior temperature changes.
  • Verify the unit is properly leveled. A properly leveled refrigerator will have the front of the refrigerator resting on the leveling legs and with the front wheels not in contact with the floor. This ensures a proper front-to-back slant so condensation within the refrigerator can drain away correctly to the evaporator. An improperly leveled refrigerator can cause water to leak and pool.

If the above steps have been performed and verified but the leak continues, the refrigerator will require service.

Leak from Water FilterClick to Expand

If the leak is from the water filter or water filter housing, perform the following:

1. Remove the water filter and inspect it and the water filter housing for damage. If the water filter is damaged, replace the water filter. Use only Samsung brand water filters. If the water filter housing is damaged, or the leak continues even with the filter removed, the refrigerator will require service.

2. If neither the water filter or the housing is damaged, clean away the water, reinsert the filter, and see if the leak occurs again.

3. If the leak occurs again, replace the water filter. Use only Samsung brand water filters.

4. If the leak still continues to occur with a new filter, the refrigerator will require service.

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