Galaxy Note5 - Presentation of the S Pen (SM-N920W8)

Last Update date : Sep 30. 2020

S Pen

The S Pen is a stylus that assists you in performing different functions.

Note: Screens and settings available may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Remove the S Pen

The S Pen stores inside your device for convenient access.

1. Push the S Pen inward until it pops out of the device.

2. Slide the S Pen out the rest of the way using the notch on the end of the S Pen.


Note: When you insert the S Pen into the slot, insert the S Pen’s nib first. Failure to do so can cause the S Pen to become stuck. Forcefully detaching the S Pen from the slot may cause damage to the S Pen and your device.

Configure S Pen Settings

Configure options and settings for the S Pen.

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps 1 > Settings 1 > S Pen 1.

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2. Configure any of the following settings:

   • Air command: Turn the Air command feature on.

   • Air view: Turn the Air view feature on.

   • Direct pen input: Turn the Direct pen input feature on. This feature allows you to switch from the keyboard to the S Pen when filling in form fields.

   • Pointer: Turn the pointer on. The pointer appears on the screen when the tip of the S Pen is hovering close enough. Holding the pointer over some features can reveal what an item is or what it does.

   • Screen off memo: Create action memos by detaching the S Pen while the screen is off and writing on the screen.

   • S Pen alerts: Tap the check box to set your device to sound an alert and show a pop-up if you forget to attach the S Pen and walk away from it with your device.

   • Turn off pen detection: Turning off pen detection when the pen is attached can extend battery life.

   • S Pen sound: Tap the check box to enable sounds when writing with the S Pen.

   • S Pen vibration: Activate vibration feedback when writing with the S Pen.

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