Galaxy Tab E LTE: How do I set alarms on my Samsung Galaxy Tab E LTE?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018


Set alarms on your device using the Clock application. Create one-time or repeating alarms, and customize the alarm notifications, including the tone used and interval frequency.

Note: Screens and settings available may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Create an Alarm

Note: Your device must me turned on for an alarm to sound.

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps .

2. Touch Clock 1.

3. Touch the ALARM tab, if necessary.

4. Touch the Hour and Minute displays to enter the time. Swipe your finger up or down to select PM or AM. Touch Date to choose a specific date to set the alarm. Under Repeat, choose which days you want the alarm to repeat: any selected day will be highlighted in green.

Alarm 1

5. Touch OPTIONS to display additional options:

Alarm 2

 • Alarm type: Choose whether the alarm should play a sound, vibrate, or both.

 • Volume: Touch and drag the slider to adjust the alarm volume.

 • Alarm tone: Choose the tone played when the alarm sounds.

 • Snooze: Select the Interval (5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes) and how frequently you want the alarm to Repeat (3 or 5 times, or continuously).

 • Increasing volume: Touch the slider Curseur off to turn Increasing volume on Curseur On. The alarm will sound quietly a few minutes early and slowly increase in volume over the first 60 seconds.

 • Alarm name: Enter a name for the alarm. The name will appear on the display when the alarm sounds.

6. Touch SAVE to create the alarm.

Alarm 3

Note: To edit an alarm, touch it in the ALARM tab. Don't forget to touch SAVE to save any change you made.

Stop or Snooze an Alarm while your Tablet is in Sleep Mode

To stop an alarm when it sounds, touch and swipe it to the left or right.

Alarm 4

Note: To use the Snooze feature when an alarm sounds, touch SNOOZE. Snooze must first be turned on in the alarm settings.

Stop or Snooze an Alarm while you are Using your Tablet

Touch DISMIS to stop the alarm.

Alarm 5

Note: Touch SNOOZE to repeat the alarm (if the feature was turned on previously).

Delete or turn off an Alarm

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps .

2. Touch Clock 1.

3. Touch the ALARM tab, if necessary.

4. Touch the Delete icon to delete the corresponding alarm.

Alarm 6

5. To turn off an alarm and save it for later use, touch .

Alarm 7

Note: Touch to turn on the alarm on again and use it.

I set an alarm but it did not ring at the set time... Why?

The issue can be due to many reasons. But according to our experience there is two most likely scenarios:

Scenario 1: Check the volume of the alarm

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps .

2. Touch Clock 1.

3. Touch the ALARM tab, if necessary.

4. Touch the Alarm you want to edit.

Alarm 8

5. An alarm has its own volume control that is totally independent from the other settings of the device. Move the slider to the right to increase the volume of the alarm.

Alarm 9

6. Touch SAVE to save the new setting.

Alarm 10

Scenario 2: Check Do not disturb mode

Your device offer a Do Not Disturb mode that can silence your device during a certain period of time (at night or during a meeting). This mode has absolute priority on all the parameters set on your mobile device. This mode can silence the alarm, unless you set them as exceptions.

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps .

2. Touch Settings .

3. Touch Do not disturb .

4. Touch Allow exceptions.

Alarm 11

5. Choose Alarms only or Custom. If you choose Alarms only, you are all set.

Alarm 12

6. If you chose Custom, make sure Alarms are set as exception. This feature should be turned on automatically Curseur on. If not, touch the slider Curseur off next to Alarms Curseur on to set them as exception.

Alarm 13

Questions & Answers

Q: Can the alarm ring even if the device is on mute or silent mode?

A: Yes but you have to make sure that you set the alarm volume loud enough to be heard by you (see section above). An Alarm has its own volume control that is totally independent from the other settings of the device.

Q: Will the alarm ring if the device is off?

A: No. The device has to be at least in sleep mode for the alarm to ring. Some manufacturers offer that possibility but it required a condition that few consumers realize: those kind of device can NEVER be turned off (even if they look like they are, but that's only a technical trick). When a Samsung device is turned off, it's really off and all processes and apps are shut down.

Q: I want my alarm to ring but I don't want to be awaken by notifications while I am sleeping. And I can't turn off my device because of the alarm. What can I do?

A: Your device offer a “Do No disturb” mode that silence calls, alerts or notifications while activated. Be careful and make sure that Alarms are set as an exception. You will find a link, to a FAQ explaining how to set up this mode, below.

Thank you for your feedback!

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