Galaxy Watch - Enter Text on Your Watch (SM-R800 & SM-R810)

Last Update date : Oct 07. 2020
Galaxy Watch - Enter Text on Your Watch (SM-R800 & SM-R810)

Sending texts or messages on a watch may seem impossible, but it's anything but that! On your Galaxy watch, you can use the built-in microphone, write letters on the screen, or type in the keyboard to enter text. See, it's not so unbelievable now, right?

Available screens and settings may vary by provider, phone, or watch.

Enter Text by Speaking

You can speak directly into your watch, just like a spy in the movies. When you are entering text on the watch, the text input options will display automatically. Touch the Microphone icon, and then speak the message you want to send. When you're done, touch SEND. Choose whether to send the message as Text or as Audio.

Enter Text by Speaking

When creating the message, touch "More Options" to change the input language. If preferred, scroll down and select "Always send as text" when choosing "Audio" or "Text".

Enter Text by Writing or Keyboard

If you prefer to write out your texts, that's no problem. You can write messages by hand and even enter them using a keyboard - kind of like the type used on flip phones. When you are entering text on the watch, the text input options will display automatically. Touch the Keyboard icon. On the first text input screen, you can use your finger to draw letters on the screen.

You may need to touch the text entry area of the screen to view the text input options.

Enter Text by Writing or Keyboard

If you want to use the keyboard, continue with the steps below. Rotate the bezel to the right to access more keyboards: number pad, symbols, emoji, or microphone to speak part of the message. On the keyboard screen, touch the keys corresponding to the letters you want to type. Touch Send when your message is complete.

The T9 keyboard uses predictive text to determine the words you are typing. If the word displayed in the text field is incorrect, touch the correct word. Rotate the bezel to access the number keypad and symbols. The predictive text feature can be turned on or off in Keyboard settings > Smart typing.

In some apps, predictive text is not available. In these cases, you will need to enter the words manually.

Keyboard Settings

Everyone has their own preferences when typing. For example, maybe you like the little vibration when you touch a key, or maybe you find it distracting. No worries, you can change all kinds of keyboard settings. To access the keyboard settings, touch the Settings icon on a keypad. Or, you can navigate to Settings, and then swipe to and touch General. Touch Input, and then touch Keyboard settings.

Keyboard Settings

The following settings are available:

   • Select input languages: Enable or disable the languages you want the keyboard to display.

   • Note: When creating a message, switch between languages by swiping left or right on the language. Enabled languages will be displayed in the beginning of Keyboard settings.

   • Check for updates: Check for language updates for downloaded keyboards.

   • Handwriting: Enable or disable the ability to hand write messages.

   • Smart typing: Enable or disable Predictive text, Auto spacing (automatically insert a space between words), Auto capitalize (capitalize the first letter of each sentence and proper nouns), and Auto punctuate (enter a period at the end of a sentence when you double-touch the space bar).

   • Key-tap feedback: Select Sound or Vibration.

   • Reset keyboard settings: Reset all keyboard settings except for downloaded languages.

   • Clear personalized data: Delete word prediction and other keyboard data.

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