Galaxy Watch - Install, Uninstall, and Customize Apps (SM-R800 & SM-R810)

Last Update Date : Oct 24. 2018
Galaxy Watch - Install, Uninstall, and Customize Apps (SM-R800 & SM-R810)

Just like on your phone, you can install, customize, and uninstall apps on your watch. Personalize your watch to fit your needs and preferences using the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone - for example, maybe you can't go for a run without listening to a music app.

Available screens and settings may vary by provider, phone, or watch.

Install AppsClick to Expand

Oh cool, you just found out there is a watch version of one of your favorite apps. Here's how to download it:

Install Apps

On your phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app, touch the SETTINGS tab, and then touch Samsung Galaxy Apps. Browse by category or search for an app by name. When you find the app you want to download, touch the app, and then touch DOWNLOAD to install. It will automatically install on your watch.

Reorder AppsClick to Expand

You're always using that one app, but it can be hard to get to on your watch. Instead of struggling each time you want to open it, just change the order of how apps display on the Watch Apps screens. On your phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app, touch the SETTINGS tab, touch More Options and then Reorder. To move an app, touch and hold the arrow icon to the right of the app you want to move, and then drag the app to a new location on the list. When you are finished, touch DONE.

Reorder Apps

To display most recent apps first, choose Most recent first. This option doesn't allow you to customize app order. Instead, it will organize apps automatically to show the ones you used recently.

To move an app on your Watch Apps screen, touch and hold the app you want to move, drag the app to the desired location, and then release.

Configure App SettingsClick to Expand

Hmm, this app is a little different from the one you use on your phone. Oh! That's because you haven't adjusted the settings yet.

Configure App Settings

On your phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app, and touch the SETTINGS tab. Touch Apps, and then touch the Settings icon next to the app you want to customize. Adjust the settings to fit your needs. Each app has unique customizable settings.

Only supported apps will have settings that can be configured.

Uninstall AppsClick to Expand

You don't really use that app anymore. Instead of letting it take up space, delete it from your watch.

Uninstall Apps

On your phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app, touch the SETTINGS tab, and then touch Apps. Touch More Options and then touch Uninstall. To delete an app, touch the Delete icon next to the app.

On your watch, navigate to the Watch Apps screen that has the app you want to uninstall. Touch and hold the app screen. Next, touch the Delete icon on the app, and then touch Done to delete the app.

Preloaded apps cannot be uninstalled. You can only disable them.

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