Gear VR with Controller: How do I install the mobile device with Gear VR

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018

Gear VR with Controller - How do I install the mobile device with Gear VR

Note: Keep the lenses clean and protect them from getting scratched. If the lenses get dirty or steam up, clean them with the lens cleaning cloth. When you are not wearing the Gear VR, do not place objects on the proximity sensor inside the Gear VR. Doing so may cause the proximity sensor to remain on and drain the mobile device’s battery.

How do I install the mobile device with Gear VR?


1. For removing the cover, gently pull the right device holder outwards, then gently remove the protective front cover.







2. Replace the Device Holder. The USB Type-C device holder is attached to the Gear VR by default. If your mobile device's multipurpose jack is USB Type-C, you can connect the mobile device to the Gear VR. If your mobile device's multipurpose jack is Micro USB, replace the device holder with the Micro USB device holder before connecting your mobile device to the Gear VR.






3. Slide the lock switch to thelock  unlock position (1) and remove the device holder from the Gear VR by pulling it out and away to remove it.


Caution: Be careful not to break the connector base while trying to remove the device holder.


lock switch 



4. Select another device holder. While the lock switch is in thel  position, slide the device holder into the holder slot. Then, lock the holder by sliding the lock switch to the FL position.


Caution: Do not slide the device holder into the holder slot while the lock switch is in the

 FL position. This may damage the lock switch’s latch. Ensure that you lock the device holder by sliding the lock switch to the     fl     position. If not, the mobile device may accidentally separate


from the Gear VR and be damaged.







5. Pull the device holder (right) to the right thoroughly (1). Then, push the device holder (left) gently (2) and slide it to position A or B (3) depending on the size of the mobile device's screen you want to use.


6. Unlatch the device holder (left).


Caution: Do not forcefully insert the connector into the mobile device as this may damage the connector. Improper installation can scratch the mobile device.







7. While the mobile device is on, connect it to the connector on the device holder (1).

The mobile device will emit a sound when it is connected to the Gear VR properly.

Insert the mobile device into the center of the Gear VR and gently push the mobile device until it locks into place (2).


The device holder (right) will return to the previous position and hold the mobile device (3).


Caution: Push the mobile device into the Gear VR firmly until it locks in place. If the mobile device is not securely locked, the mobile device may accidentally separate from the Gear VR and be damaged. Do not twist or bend the Gear VR’s connector when you connect or disconnect the mobile device. Doing so may damage the connector.  







8. Verify the orientation of the mobile device.


Caution: If you insert the mobile device tilted to one side, it may cause discomfort. In this case, the mobile device screen will not be aligned properly to the lenses.









Note: Verify that your device volume is not set to silent. If the sound is not emitted when you insert the Gear VR's connector into the mobile device, the Gear VR may not have recognized it. Unlock the mobile device's screen before using the Gear VR.


Caution: Do not leave the Gear VR in direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can damage the Gear VR and the connected mobile device.


Note: Factory lens protectors are pre-installed on the Gear VR. Remove the lens protectors before you use the Gear VR so you can see clearly.  




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