How Do I Search For Someone In My Address Book On My SGH-i616?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018

 The search feature in the Address Book does not work like "Predictive Text" as some believe, the feature would actually be considered "Restrictive Text" where it narrows down the search criteria by entering a letter at a time.  The search feature actually searchs for either Name or Number by entering the information using the keyboard.  The Operating System is programmed in such a way that selecting one letter or number may be grouped with others as the diagram below indicates.


Keyboard Figure


The image shows in detail, which letters and numbers are grouped together when using the search feature in the Address Book. The table below indicates what will be returned by pressing a specific key in relation to the grouping shown above.  The first key in each group will return values for the letter and number on that key, as well as the letter on the second key in the group. The second key contains only one letter value and no number value, so it groups with the number value on the first key in the group as well as the letter values of both keys in the group. For instance, as shown below, pressing F will return criteria with an F, D, or 4 as it pulls the values from both grouped keys; see the table for details. If you enter "G" on the keypad, you'll get all contacts who's name begins with G or H and you'll get all contacts who's number begins with 5.





E, R, and 1 / * Wildcard



T, Y, and 2



U, I, and 3



D, F, and 4



G, H, and 5



J, K, and 6



X, C, and 7



V, B, and 8



N, M, and 9



Please note: The E/ R group acts as a wildcard for searches. Using E or R at anytime while searching for a contact, will cause the phone to include entries containing any letter in the place of the E or R.


Examples: Finding a contact by entering the first few digits of the contact name:

    If you are looking for John Smith you would first press the "J" key.  From the illustration above, it indicates that the way the keys are programmed, the resulting search criteria that will be listed will be anything in the Address Book which has a "J, K, or 6" in it.  Next letter "O" is not grouped with another key, so any listing with a "JO" or "KO" will be shown.  Pressing "H" will change the list to now additionally list the previous critera plus entries with "H, G, or 5".

    If John Smith's phone number is 123-456-7890, you can also enter the digits and it will locate John Smith.


    Finding a contact using wildcards:

    If you are looking for Tom in your contacts list you could first press the "R" key followed by the "O" and "M" keys. This will result in all contacts, whose names end with "om" being displayed.

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