How do I use the Quick Connect feature to connect my Galaxy Note5 with nearby devices?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018

Quick Connect

Quick connect simplifies sharing content with other devices. Quick connect will find other mobile devices, smart TVs, and Miracast™ devices (such as Chromecast™ or Amazon™ Fire TV stick), and you can share your screen or send pictures, music, videos, and more.

Quick connect will use the Bluetooth® feature, Wi-Fi Direct®, or Screen Mirroring, depending on the type of content being shared and whether the other device has Quick connect installed. Some TVs require a connection to the same Wi-Fi® network to share content.

Note: Screens and settings available may vary by wireless service provider and software version.

Share Content using Quick Connect

1. To access Quick connect from any menu or application, open the Notification Panel by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom.

2. Touch Quick connect in the Notification Panel, as shown below.


3. Choose to make your device Always visible or Only when Quick connect turned on.



5. If available, turn on Quick connect on the device you are connecting to.

6. A list of nearby devices will display. Touch the name of the device you want to connect to.


7. Touch Share content to send a contact or other content to "Galaxy S6." Depending on the type of device you are connecting to, more options may be available.


8. Touch the type of content you want to share. For this example, touch Images.


9. Mark the checkboxes for the images you want to share and touch DONE.


10. The device you are sharing with will be asked to CONNECT to receive the files. Touch CANCEL to reject the file sharing.

11. After the files have been accepted and downloaded, open the Notification Panel by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom.

12. Touch the File received notification, and follow the on-screen instructions for saving the content to your device.


13. Once files are transferred, it will disconnect automatically.

Share Content on a TV

Follow the steps below to share content or screen mirror with a smart TV or monitor:

1. Turn on the TV or monitor.

2. Open the Notification Panel by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom.

3. Touch Quick connect in the Notification Panel, as shown below. If it is not available by default, touch EDIT or 1 to access Quick connect.


4. To enable Quick Connect, select a visibility setting:


Always visible: Set your device to always be visible to other devices.

Only when Quick connect enabled: Your device is only visible when Quick connect is enabled on your device.

5. Touch the name of your TV or monitor in the list of nearby devices that displays.


6. Choose Play/view content to display content from your device on the screen, or choose Start Screen Mirroring to display your device screen on the TV or monitor.


7. If you choose Play/view content, select the type of content you want to display on the TV or monitor. Select Image, Video, or Audio.


8. Mark the checkboxes on the content you want to display and touch DONE.


9. The first time you connect your mobile device to a TV or monitor, select Allow on the screen to give it access to your mobile device.

10. Your content will display on the screen. You can control playback from your mobile device.

11. When you are done, press the Power button for Sleep mode to disconnect.

Find a Nearby Device

Important: When Quick connect is turned on, other devices will be able to see your device and send sharing requests.

If the device you want to connect to does not automatically display in the nearby devices list:

1. Make sure the device you want to connect to is turned on and the screen is awake.

2. Turn on Quick connect from the Notification Panel.

    • Make sure the device the Bluetooth turned on and the Bluetooth visibility set to be visible to all nearby devices.
    • Make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.


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