Rugby?: Can I restrict Incoming or Outgoing calls on my Samsung Rugby??

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018

Rugby® III - Restrict Calls

Your mobile device allows you to restrict certain incoming calls. Adding a number to the Reject List causes all calls from that number to be sent directly to voicemail.

Adding a Number to the Reject List

To Add a number from Call List to the Reject List:

1. From standby screen, press the Send 1 key and select All Calls. The All Calls list displays, which lists all missed calls, calls made, and calls received.

2. Highlight a call and press Options > Add to Reject List.

3. Hightlight Reject List and press OK 1.

To Enter a number to the Reject List:

1. Press Options > Create.

2. Use the keypad to enter the number.

3. Press Save or OK 1 to save the number. The number appears in the Reject List.

Removing a Number from the Reject List

To remove a number from the Reject List:

1. From the Home screen, press Menu 2 > Settings 2 > Calls > Voice Call > Reject List.

2. Highlight Reject List and press OK 1.

3. Highlight the number to remove and press Options > Delete.

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