Galaxy Note9 - Manage Your Day with New Bixby Reminders (SM-N960W)

Last Update Date : Dec 06. 2018
Galaxy Note9 - Manage Your Day with New Bixby Reminders (SM-N960W)

In this fast-paced society, reminders are an absolute necessity. The good news is that New Bixby takes reminders to another level by letting you set reminders with your voice! You can even add reminders to some of your most-used apps, like Phone or Messages. New Bixby makes reminders for the real world.

Screens and settings available may vary depending on your Canadian wireless service provider and your software version.

Access Bixby RemindersClick to Expand

Bixby Reminders is an awesome and handy feature, but it may seem hidden if you don’t look closely. Here’s how to access Reminders so you can use it with Bixby or in general.

Access Bixby Reminders

To open Bixby Home, swipe right from the Home screen. Then, swipe to the Reminders card and touch GET STARTED. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the Reminders features. If desired, add a shortcut for the Reminders app, so you can have easier access.

Once you have set up the Reminders feature, the Reminders card will disappear from Bixby Home. It will not appear again unless you set up a reminder for a future date.

Create Reminders with BixbyClick to Expand

When you’re on the go, you may not remember to do important things, like errands. Oops, you forgot to go food shopping again. Just have Bixby set a reminder so you’ll remember next time.

Create Reminders with Bixby

Press and hold the Bixby key and say, “Create a reminder”. Bixby will instantly open the Reminders app. Or, you can tell Bixby the exact task and time for the reminder. For example, you could say, “Remind me to go food shopping at 5”.

You can also tell Bixby to “Open the Reminder app” and then create a reminder manually.

Delete RemindersClick to Expand

Bixby loves creating Reminders, but it can’t delete them. No worries, deleting reminders is as easy as ABC.

Delete Reminders

Navigate to Reminders through the Apps screen or Bixby Home. Or, press and hold the Bixby key and say, “Open Reminder app”. Then, touch and hold the reminder you want to remove. Touch DELETE at the top of the screen and then touch DELETE again to confirm.

Add Bixby Reminders on AppsClick to Expand

Ever get a call or a message when you’re super busy, but forget about it later? Don’t sweat it, Bixby Reminders is built into certain apps, like Phone and Messages, so you won't ever forget something important again.

Add Bixby Reminders on Apps

Here are the different apps that can use Bixby Reminders:

   • Phone: You can create a reminder when you reject a call, so you can call them back. You will see the reminder an hour later. When receiving a call, touch SEND MESSAGE. Touch Add reminder, and then touch a message you would like to send.

   • Messages: Never forget to reply to that text message. Navigate to Messages, and then touch and hold your desired message. Touch Send to Reminder. You will see the reminder an hour later. If you are using a third-party messaging app, touch and hold the desired message. Then, touch Share at the top of screen and select Reminder from the list of sharing options.

   • Videos: You can use Reminders to save your place in a long video and start off where you paused it last time. In Gallery, open and play a desired video. Pause the video in the desired location, and then touch More Options. Touch Send to Reminder and you will see the reminder an hour later.

   • Other Apps: You can also save text and images to Reminder by using the Share option in apps such as Internet and Gallery. Just select the desired content and then touch Share.

Additional Reminders OptionsClick to Expand

If you add a reminder through an app, it will automatically be saved for an hour later. However, you can view or change the reminder’s settings using the popup menu. When you create a reminder in an app, a small Reminder menu will briefly appear at the bottom of the page. Touch one of the options to be redirected to a new page.

Additional Reminders Options

You have the following options:

   • Reminder List (on the left): See the full list of reminders.

   • Reminder Detail (in the middle): See a detailed view of the reminder that was just saved.

   • Reminder Conditions (on the right): Set the conditions for the Reminder you just created.

These options do not appear if you create a reminder through the regular Reminder app.

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