How To Remove The Protective Film From The 3D Glasses (2014 Models)

Last Update date : Oct 06. 2020

3D Glasses

Your 3D Glasses have a protective film over the lenses to prevent any damage during shipping. There is one on each side of each lens, with a total of 4. They have red and blue tabs that you use to pull the protective film from the 3D shutterglasses.

Removing The Protective Film

NOTE: The process is the same or very close for any Samsung 3D shutterglasses.

1. Put your glasses on a flat, clean surface.


2. There will be four plastic tabs, 2 red and 2 blue, on the front and back of the glasses.



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3. Pull tab down to extend the tab.


4. Lift up and away from the lens to remove the protective film (you will need to hold the glasses while you do this).


5. Repeat for all protective films.


6. Now your glasses are prepared for use. Enjoy your 3D content!

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