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So much to watch, so little time. Browse and access your content easily and fast.

2 people are watching Smart TV and Smart Hub UI is displayed over a nature background image on TV screen; The UI contains various content, such as, 'What's New', 'Watch Next', and several applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Facebook Video, Google Play Movies & TV, SmartThings, Gallery, Internet.

Easy access.
Wide variety.

Smart Hub

Instantly access the content you want or seamlessly navigate between your Apps and devices to find more to watch. Whether it’s on your cable box, Apps, streaming services or live TV, Smart Hub conveniently gathers your content all in one place.

Smart Hub UI with various apps are displayed on TV.
3 Slide images of Smart Hub preview screens; (1) UI with detected sources, (2) Smart Hub UI containing various content; 'Recent', 'Recommended Apps'. (3) Smart Hub UI containing various content; 'What's New', 'Watch Next'.