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SmartThings Dashboard

The SmartThings Dashboard makes it easy to directly control your connected devices or individually set different modes based on your preferences.

SmartThings Dashboard on the Smart TV with the caption "Control smart devices the smarter way."

Get notified and
still stay tuned

Continue watching your Smart TV even when you get pop-up notifications from your other devices.

4 people are watching Smart TV with a pop-up alarm showing Washer's cycle has been completed.

How to control

Find out more ways to control your IoT devices.


Go to the SmartThings Dashboard on your Smart TV to control your devices manually.

SmartThings Dashboard on the Smart TV and air conditioner with Wi-Fi icons

SmartThings App

Control your devices through SmartThings App on your mobile.

* Requires the SmartThings App.

SmartThings Dashboard on the mobile phone with IoT icons; Smart TV, refrigerator, washing machine, camera, light, and lock

* Requires the SmartThings App.