Choosing the right Smart TV

Let's explore all that Smart TV has to offer.
With a Smart TV, you can quickly and easily enjoy content beyond regular TV channels.
Plus, your favorite sports teams can be setup in advance so that you never have to search or miss a game again.
Even paid cable and satellite broadcasting, that used to available through a box, can be accessed with a Smart TV. Just install the broadcasting app your cable provider offers, and skip the installation process*.

* An internet connection and subscription for content service is required.

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How to choose the right Smart TV

Variety of content

One of the best values of a Smart TV is the ability to enjoy content beyond regular TV channels. A Smart TV with your favourite VOD services such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube plus music streaming services like Spotify allow you to enjoy games, sports and content from the comfort of your own home. Even paid cable and satellite broadcasting services that used to only be available with a set-top box are now available to watch on Smart TVs – you just need to install the App that the cable or satellite broadcasting company provides. And if you’re already subscribed to those services, you can skip the tedious installation process.

*An internet connection and subscription or pay-per-view fees for content service is required.
Subject to device compatibility.

Quick and easy search

Another good tip to remember when choosing the right Smart TV is to find one that lets you search through content with ease. The endless amount of content available online can make it time consuming and challenging to find what's right for you. Having a convenient search function is important.

A personal touch

Wouldn't it be nice if you could personalize the order of the apps on our Smart TV screen? Gain access to your preferred content quickly and conveniently, just as you want it.

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But regardless of how great the features are, one of most important consideration when buying a smart TV is convenience and simplicity.

A great Smart TV should automatically detect any device you connect via HDMI and eliminate the need to use several remote controls. Gone are the days of frantically searching for your remote controls. With just the TV remote, you should even be able to play/pause content streaming from your set-top box.

Easy connectivity with other devices

Checking to see if a Smart TV can easily connect to other devices is another important requirement when choosing a new smart TV. A Smart TV should have the ability to connect your smartphone to your TV to view content on a bigger screen. Pictures and videos from your phone can feel totally different when you see them on a big screen.

IoT is gaining widespread popularity so easy connectivity with various internet-enabled devices around the home is becoming a requirement.

*Subject to device compatibility.

SmartThings UI on Smart TV with IoT icons; mobile phone, washing machine, camera, switch, refrigerator, light.

*Subject to device compatibility.

Think about it, you can watch a movie on your phone on the way home from work and effortlessly continue watching it on your TV screen as soon as you get home. That level of high-tech capability would make you feel like a character in a sci-fi movie.

At the end of the day, it’s about what you want. The right Smart TV has easy set up and simple connections to other devices. It needs to allow browsing content to be a breeze, and there should be room to personalize your settings. And above all, it needs to have easy usability all around.