Samsung Developer Conference showcases new Smart TV tools and policies for developers


Samsung Smart TVs offer unique business opportunities for the world’s most talented developers

Samsung Developer Conference showcases new Smart TV tools and policies for developers

San Francisco - April 27, 2016 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the leading global TV manufacturer for the 10th consecutive year, is to share the latest advancements in its Samsung Tizen Smart TVs with industry developers at Samsung Developer Conference. Over the course of the conference, to be held April 27-28 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Samsung will unveil Smart TV enhancements that provide users with even more access to developer content.

During the 2016 Samsung Smart TV session, the Samsung Smart View SDK will be introduced to developers as a new feature which enables seamless connection and communication between mobile devices and Samsung TVs. And, in an effort to enable Samsung partners to increase accessibility to their content, the new Smart TV SDK will feature a Preview title, which can be set to appear directly on the first screen of the Smart Hub.

Samsung is also making a new Smart TV-optimized payment solution, Samsung Checkout on TV, available to all developers. Previously, Samsung Checkout on TV has been offered to select key partners only. But following the announcement, all game and app developers will be able to create services that can accept payments from consumers and monetize efficiently and effectively on Samsung Smart TVs, the largest installed base of TVs in the world over the last decade.

A new open source project called TOAST was another developer resource introduced during the conference. This allows developers to target a broader range of devices such as 2012-2014 Smart TVs and prevents them from having to rewrite TV apps for different operating systems. TOAST will be extended to other operating systems including WebOS TV and Android TV.

“We are constantly aiming to advance the Smart TV viewing experience by streamlining how users access their favorite applications and smart content,” said Sang Kim, Vice President of Visual Display at Samsung Electronics. “Our new enhancements will not only improve the viewing experience for the user, but also for developers who are creating new content on a regular basis.”


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