World-class Systems, Sustainable Solutions

Samsung practices environmental responsibility throughout our operations, striving to produce premium, environmentally friendly climate systems.

Suurepärane sisekliima

Täpselt sinu ettevõtte jaoks kohandatud erakordselt tõhusad kliimasüsteemid tagavad klientide ja töötajate mugavuse ning rahulolu, mis valdkonnas sa ka ei tegutseks.

Reducing F-gas Emissions

Based on the ground-breaking EU legislation aimed at reducing F-gas emissions, Samsung added a new type of refrigerant to its residential air conditioners. With a low GWP of 675, R32 is a sustainable solution for the air conditioning industry.

Managing Our E-waste

To fulfil our environmental obligations, Samsung has established take back systems that comply with existing recycling laws, like the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Directive – regulation that sets e-waste collection, recycling and recovery targets.

The Battery Directive

Samsung complies with the EU’s Battery Directive – legislation which regulates the manufacturing and disposal of batteries.

Planet-friendly Packaging

We conform to the packaging compliance scheme of each country in which Samsung products are sold. Through these initiatives, we ensure that wherever possible, packaging from our products is reused, recovered or recycled free-of-charge to all consumers.


Ecodesign & Energy Labels

The top of an energy label The top of an energy label