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Heize + Marc
Allante Close-Up

Talking musical inspiration and collaboration.

Heize in her studio

When K-pop princess Heize and acclaimed artist Marc Allante came together to co-produce the chart-topping music video Jenga, neither knew what to expect. Battling distance and different creative styles, the two came together with the Samsung S Pen.

Heize in the studio

Heize: The K-pop superstar

Singer/songwriter Heize gained international fame by weaving stories with cool yet emotive vocals and R&B melodies. The South Korean singer frequently travels around the world touring, and her Samsung devices are her ultimate creative tools.

“The idea for music doesn’t come just because I sit down to write. It comes suddenly when I am doing other work, playing, or even sleeping.”


Heize working with her S Pen.
Marc Allante working with the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

Marc Allante: The renowned illustrator

Artist Marc Allante is famous for his unique style and global context. Blending Western painting techniques with traditional Eastern inks, Marc uses his art as a reflection of his own Chinese-French ancestry and an increasingly globalized world.

Heize – Jenga (feat. Gaeko)

The birth of Jenga

Together, they created the chart-topping new single “Jenga.” Inspired by their collaboration, the song digs deep into the ideas of freedom and expression as they both explore the world from a fresh perspective. To commemorate the hit, Marc created accompanying artwork featuring vivid colours and fine details.

One of Marc Allante’s original works for the video, “Jenga”.

“It was a quick transition for me to go from traditional to digital sketching and painting.”


Marc Allante works on a Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

The key to collaboration

With the Samsung S Pen, your ability to create is limited only by your imagination.

Samsung Galaxy Book

Galaxy Book

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