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Meet #TeamGalaxy

Millie Bobby Brown, Steve Aoki, Lil Miquela and Ninja are proof
that you can #DoWhatYouCant and make anything possible.

#TeamGalaxy group photo featuring (LTR): Millie Bobby Brown crouching down in white heels as she looks upward to her right, Steve Aoki posing in mid-air with his arms outstretched and feet facing each other inwards, Lil' Miquela stands tall as she folds her arms across her chest and looks confidently straight ahead, Ninja sporting a pink hoodie as he extends his arms to the right side and stands with his left foot pointing outwards.
Steve Aoki standing with his knees slightly bent outward while sporting a yellow long coat as he holds up an unfolded Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone


Coming Soon:
Steve Aoki

A backstage pass into Steve Aoki’s world of cake-throwing, bodyweight workouts, and self-care.

Millie Bobby Brown kneels while holding up a peace sign with her fingers as she takes a selfie with a neon yellow Samsung Galaxy A80 that's propped on a white stool


Coming Soon:
Millie Bobby Brown

Stay tuned for a snapshot into our favourite heroine’s real-life superpower.

The future starts with 5G


What is 5G, and how will it affect your life?

Find out how 5G and other 2019 tech trends will change how you create, game and more.

Find out how 5G and other 2019 tech trends will change how you create, game and more.

Our Legacy

Chapter 4: A Phone Built on Can't

They said it couldn't be done. But we did it.

Chapter 3: Extreme Conditions

Built to follow you to the ends of the Earth and beyond.

Chapter 2: The Meaning of Our Name

What's in a Name

Chapter 1: Our Philosophy

Discover the driving force behind our unstoppable innovation.

Note10 | Note10+

Tagaküljel lebav Galaxy Note 10 plus 5G kolmveerandnurga all, üle ekraani on asetatud sinine S Pen ja ekraanile kuvatud gradient-graafika ning tekst kirjaga 5G. Kummalgi pool telefoni on tekst Galaxy Note 10 plus.