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Smart School

Nous nous engageons à améliorer l’utilisation de la technologie IT dans l’éducation, à fournir un accès à des environnements d’apprentissage intelligents qui stimulent la créativité des étudiants et réduisent la fracture digitale.

The sun shines on everyone and everything. It shines on the windows of the bus in the downtown of Johnnesburg, skyscrapers within the city and even all the little leaves in Phomolong. The sun truly illuminates us all equally. However, this small and quiet village of Phomolong used to be my entire world. Now, as an adult, I commute from Phomolong to the city. It takes me only an hour to travel back and forth between those two completely diffrent worlds. But children in Phomolong think that the city is infinitely distant, like the universe. What are you looking at? I thought there would see something different. Oh, so by climbing up a tree thought you see a wider world? How did you know? Because I thought so too. Please, come down. I had a big dream but had no idea what it was or how I could turn it into reality. I just had a vague idea for an unknown wider world. where is this place? This is a power plant for a dream. You're right. The little girl over there is me. People around world at this very moment are looking at me as a high school girl. Yes, the internet connects the past, the present and also the future. I learned how to use a computer and the internet here for the first time. And this little computer monitor opened a new world for me. It helped me realize what I wanted to achieve and become. Then when I went to university, I realized that I excelled at computing. My job is to interact with people locally and around the world. I learned how to do that here and also acquired the necessary skills at this school. Do you want to come sit here? You can also find what you were looking for on that tree, in this place. Samsung's solar-powered internet school showed me what is beyond my horizons and offered me with the chance to become a part of that world. This miraculous experience has always been sustaining me until today. Whether you're young or old, tall or short, and live in the city or countryside, the sun shines on all of us equally. Just like the sun I hope children in Phomolong will have equal opportunities in education. I sincerely hope they dream and make their dreams come true in the wider world. Just as I.

En 2018, plus de 2,8 millions d'élèves ont bénéficié de Samsung Smart School.


Nous ambitionnons de réduire les lacunes locales en matière d’éducation et de supporter le développement de talents créatifs en leur offrant un environnement pédagogique intelligent facilité par les dernières technologies IT. Samsung fournit des programmes éducatifs logiciels à des étudiants défavorisés qui ont peu d’opportunités de profiter d’une éducation de qualité. Nos programmes visent à créer un environnement pédagogique positif, avec un équipement IT et du contenu conçu sur mesure pour les besoins locaux.


Programme Smart School

<h3>Smart School Program et changement dans l'éducation</h3> <ul> <li>Smart devices, content and solution, and teacher training are organically connected.</li> <li>Teacher led learning → Student led learning → Creative learning </li> </ul>
  • Classe interactive

    Le partage en temps réel et le contrôle par nos tablettes et PC permettent une communication ouverte et des environnements d'apprentissage stimulants.

  • Activités collaboratives

    Team activities, group assignments, and group discussions are supported seamlessly via tablets, helping create a spirit of teamwork among students.

  • Environnement stimulant

    Les enseignants évaluent régulièrement le niveau de compréhension à la lecture des étudiants ainsi que les performances à différents tests. Les enseignants proposent aussi des opportunités d’apprentissage individuelles si nécessaire.

  • Contenu digital

    Les étudiants peuvent télécharger leur programme, leurs manuels et différents éléments (documents, photos, voix, enregistrements, vidéos, applications, et URL) pour chaque cours, ce qui aide à améliorer globalement l'apprentissage.

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