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Recipro compressor

Recipro Compressor

The world class efficiency and quality

Samsung reciprocating compressor is a global partner that provides reliable and eco-friendly features for all your cooling needs.

Mini rotary compressor

Mini Rotary Compressor

Outstanding product with unnoticed compressor

Explore endless possibilities with mini rotary compressor
Ultra-light weight compressor with high efficiency low vibration and noise.

Rotary compressor

Rotary Compressor

Sustainable power with robust design

With world class performance this environmentally friendly rotary compressor comes with great power and less noise.

Scroll compressor

Scroll Compressor

Ensuring high efficiency

Samsung scroll compressors are innovative, have a tough design and provide unparalleled performance.

  • Recipro Compressor

    World class performance reciprocating compressor was stared to produce in 1976, reached accumulated 200 million production in 2017.

  • Rotary Compressor

    Samsung, a leader for decades in the air conditioner business both domestically and abroad, entered the rotary compressor business in 1989.

  • Scroll Compressor

    Samsung scroll compressor was started to produce in 2012, applied to Samsung system airconditioner.