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Brief History


2017              Started to produce 6th Generation BLDC F5(Large)-Series
                       Company celebrates the milestone of 200 million compressors produced

2016              Started to produce A0-Series(Small BLDC compressor)

2015              Started to produce 5th Generation BLDC F3(Large), M3(Medium), K1(Medium)-Series

2014              Started to produce AV-Series (Small BLDC compressor)

2013              Company celebrates the milestone of 150 million compressors produced

2012              Started to produce Super High Efficiency Type MSE-Series

2011              China factory started to produce MS Series

2010             Developing World Top Efficiency MSE-Series and BLDC MKV/ENV/MSV Series [DVC3]

2009             Started to produce Very High Efficiency Type MS-Series

2007              Started to produce world first aluminum wire compressor

2005             Started to produce BLDC ESSE Series [DVC 2]

2004             Production of R-600a BLDC compressor (EQ-Series) started

2003             Production of Mini compressor (CD-Series) compressor started

2002             Production of EER 5.8(MK) compressor started

2001             Certification of ISO 9001 - 2000 certified                       

                      Production of EER 5.5(DK-Series) compressor started

1999             Production of R-134a BLDC compressor(BK-Series) started

1997             Compressor plant moved from Suwon to Gwangju
                      Production of R-600a compressor started

1994             Production of R-134a compressor started

1993            Certification of ISO 9001 achieved

1976             Start to Produce Compressor in Suwon Factory

1975            Compressor technology collaboration with Kelvinator, USA

1973            Business of Refrigerator started