Snapshot of Korea 5G


Snapshot of Korea 5G


South Korea is world leading 5G No.1 country, 5G Market progress assessment (OMDIA, JUNE 2020). 5G Connections as a share of all mobile subscriptions in selected countries in 2020 2Q; South Korea 13.8%, China 3.1%, Australia 1.5%, Saudi Arabia 1.2%, Switzerland 1.0%, Kuwait 0.9%, USA 0.8%, World 0.7%.

Offering 5G in all major cities (Korea ministry of science and ICT, Jul. 2020). 5G coverage map; Seoul 426 square kilometer, 6 metropolitan (Incheon, Daejeon, Gwangju, Daegu, Ulsan, Busan) 932 square kilometer. 1,275 facilities including 5G enabled mall, bus terminal, convention center, large hospital, etc. 121 K 3.5GHz base stations. Transportation infrastructure; 5G availability 76.5%, Subway, 76.3%, KTX-SRT (Outdoor) 75.4%, Highway Outdoor) 78.2%. Government guideline; 3 years 22.5 K (15%), 5 years 45 K (30%), Total 150 K (100%), Actual deployed; 121 K as of Jul. 2020. Achieved 81% of total guideline.

Explosive 5G usage (Korea ministry of science and ICT, Sep. 2020). 5G subscribers 7.9 million July. 2020, 10 to 12 million end of year 2020(E). 5G users consume more data. 2.5 times monthly 5G data traffic per user; 5G 26.2GB, 4G 10.3GB. 5G Data Traffic occupies 29% of total data traffic. 5G data usage compared to LTE users; video contents 3.6 times, games 2.7 times, VR contents 7.0 times (SK telecom, APR. 2020).

Fast and stable. (Korea ministry of science and ICT, Jul. 2020), average of 3 Korean operators. 4 times faster than LTE. Download by 4.1 times; LTE 158.53 Mbps, 5G 656.56 Mbps. Upload by 1.5 times; 42.83 Mbps, 5G 64.16 Mbps. 5G availability 93.81%, the amount of time users spend connected to 5G.

New 5G services, new experience. Huge opportunity in both B2C and B2B market. Consumer; 3D AR kids library, social VR, AR zoo, VR sports, AI home training, cloud game, 360 video call, AR shopping, E-sports, VR English conversation. Enterprise; public safety, AI security, thermal imaging camera, service robot, smart office, AR glass, smart factory, smart building, machine vision, virtual desktop infrastructure, cooperative robot.

Road ahead. Double the Korea 5G spectrum by 2026. 3.3 times below 6GHz; 280MHz in 2020 to 920MHz in 2026. mmWave bandwidth; 2,400MHz in 2020 to 4,400MHz in 2026.