MWC 2020 Virtual Tour

Latest 5G achievements and innovations

Samsung eagerly prepared for MWC 2020 and was looking forward to showcasing our latest 5G achievements and innovations.

This year, instead of showcasing our latest solutions at Mobile World Congress, we have prepared alternate methods of sharing our exhibition.


Here, you can take a glimpse into some of the key solutions from our exhibition. We have also prepared a series of videos to introduce our products, technologies, and solutions.

We will take a door-to-door approach to meet each of our customers and hope we have the opportunity to go into detailed, deep dive discussion regarding the topics in our videos.



The highlights of our exhibition included,

1. Maximized Capacity & Performance

For more than a decade Samsung has been pioneering research and development to enable mobile communication in the mmWave spectrum bands, and that leadership has led to early 5G commercialization in the spectrum.

Based on the capability of manufacturing key components in-house, Samsung successfully created powerful yet tastefully designed products. 

Furthermore, we are ready to introduce the upgraded, next version  access unit which has been remarkably improved in terms of size, installation and performance as well as our Integrated Access Backhaul, one of the most innovative wireless backhaul solution. . The next version of the access unit will be released shortly.


2. 5G Coverage Expansion

For perfect, universal 5G services, Samsung is ready to provide 5G solutions for hotspots, indoors, and homes.

Samsung’s solution not only effectively offloads extremely high data traffic for uniquely crowded areas such as stadiums or concert halls, we are ready to enable innovative services like VR, 8K video streaming, and matrix view.

To secure 5G indoor coverage, Samsung’s In-building 5G portfolio is customized to support various scenarios. Furthermore, our 5G CPE solution provides users with a wide variety of product choices for 5G wireless broadband services.


3. Taking 5G to a New Level

Based on a cloud native container platform, Samsung’s virtualized network solution aims to enable network operators to build an open and flexible network.

Samsung’s fully SW based vRAN brings benefits from IT advantages running on x86 based COTS server with a container based platform while still ensuring telco quality assurance. Moreover, Samsung’s vCore has proven its capabilities through many commercial accomplishments, carrying enormous data traffic in multiple countries.  The 5G SA core is ready for the world’s 1st commercial launch in the Korean market within the first half of this year.


4. Towards Zero-touch Network Automation

Samsung offers a wide range of OPEX (Operating Expenditure) saving solutions, empowering the efficiency and performance of the 5G network. Samsung’s automation solution supports the entire cycle of network management, from Planning to Deployment, Operation and Optimization.


5. E2E Network Slicing

5G is an industry game changer that will completely shift the paradigm of daily business operations. End-to-End Network Slicing allocates specific slices per service, depending on the nature of the various 5G services.

With Samsung’s network slice manager, it supports operators to quickly and easily manage E2E network slice from RAN to Core throughout the whole process from creation, monitoring to operation.


6. 5G Business Enablers

The 5G network is not only essential for public use, but it will also have a massive impact on the B2B sector, driving the future of Industry 4.0.

Samsung has the capability and the solutions to build a reliable and compact private network for enterprises. In a number of countries, enterprises who wish to deploy a private network are gaining access to shared spectrum bands. Public cloud services are also providing a foundation for enterprises to easily create and operate a private network.

Samsung will support enterprises who require private network build-up for new services such as smart factory, asset tracking & management, smart irrigation, and remote operation.