Fierce Wireless 5G BLITZ Week


Fierce Wireless 5G BLITZ Week

Virtual: March 22 ~ 25, 2021, 14:00

Fierce Wireless is hosting an online 5G BLITZ Week. Through a series of live video roundtables, fireside chats, and keynotes featuring some of the world's largest operators, OEMs, and enterprises, readers will be able to access top notch industry panels, without having to travel.

Samsung is a sponsor of 5G BLITZ week and Shaney Zaidi, Lead Technology Architect – 5G, will be speaking on a panel “5G Automation and Orchestration”

The new ideal for managing software-based, virtualized networks is to create a common automation and orchestration layer above all the network functions. Such a layer allows for faster creation and monetization of services, while giving operators the ability to best optimize the performance of their networks. Some greenfield networks have done this already, but it’s a little more difficult for brownfield operators. What is the low-hanging fruit for introducing automation into networks? What are the primary use cases and services that network automation will enable? How are Virtual Network Functions and Cloud Native Functions being used to manage fluctuating demands on the network?

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