5G Standards & Patents

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& Patents

Samsung has continuously led the advancement of the telecommunications industry and next-generation
technologies through countless contributions to industry standards and patents. Today, we are working with industry
standards focused on various activities to bring 5G’s full potential to life.

3GPP Standards Leadership

Standards experts emphasize that the industry focus should shift from excessive number competition among companies to improving the quality and value of standards activities. Further, the industry should use a qualitative approach to truly asses the frontrunners of 5G standards.

Setting Standards
for 5G
Key Technologies
in 3GPP

Samsung is leading the creation of 5G standards at 3GPP. We hold five chair seats in 3GPP, and we are serving as
the rapporteur for 15 work items, including NR physical control channel, MIMO, NR MAC, NR user plane protocol, RF performance requirement, VoNR, and edge computing. As the rapporteur, we will lead technical discussions for each specific work item in 3GPP and play a key role in establishing standards. We have also served as rapporteur in the MIMO field for 6 years to help define standards to enable key 5G features and pioneer the standards for one of the most critical 5G technologies.

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The Big Winner of 3GPP
Excellence Award

3GPP recognized our efforts by awarding the 3GPP Excellence Award to Samsung five times, setting an outstanding record. Since 2012, this prestigious award is given once a year to four researchers who have shown outstanding technical contributions to continuing innovations in mobile broadband standards.

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5G Patent

5G patents are granted to technologies that strengthen 5G-based services, and they serve as an indicator of how well a company can successfully implement 5G technologies. They demonstrate who is leading in 5G research and development and are crucial to examine a company’s qualitative value.

Who Is Leading
the 5G Patent Race?

Samsung has proven its 5G patent leadership by ranking first in the number of granted patent families for 5G and with the number of patent families filed in Europe, the US,
or the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Samsung holds 2,633 declared 5G patent families filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the European Patent Office (EPO), or the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), and 1,728 5G patent families granted by at least one of the patent offices above. Samsung is at the top of the list regarding the number of granted patents that are tangible.

* Source: “Fact-finding study on patents declared to
the 5G standard,”
Technical University of Berlin and IPlytics

An infographic image of the Number of 5G Pattern Families.