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Korea One of the World Leaders in the 5G Revolution

Korea has always been at the forefront of technology, kicking off one of the world’s 1st commercial 5G network and services. 5G adoption in Korea continues to grow at a rapid rate with over 13% of all mobile subscribers using 5G1 , which amounts to 29% of all data traffic2. Korea is a major contributor to the evolution of 5G technologies and services, and Samsung has played a key role since Day 1. All three Korean mobile operators are using our 5G solutions and we continue our 5G research and development to advance our end-to-end portfolio. We believe that our experience in Korea has prepared us to support 5G acceleration across the globe.

1 GSMA, 2Q 2020.
2 Korea Ministry of Science and ICT, Sep. 2020.

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The World’s 1st
5G Networks
in the Mid-band

Korea is home to nationwide 5G networks in the mid-band spectrum. Mobile operators have focused on expanding coverage in the 3.5GHz band and deployed 121,000 5G base stations all over the nation, including Seoul and six other metropolitan areas3. Samsung has worked closely with the operators by providing them with our RAN and virtualized core solutions so they can offer 5G connections for both rural and urban areas as well as special environments like subway stations and tunnels. In addition, the Korean operators have introduced indoor solutions for enhanced 5G coverage using Samsung’s indoor portfolio – Samsung Link.

3 Korea Ministry of Science and ICT, July 2020.

Samsung’s 5G Solutions Powering 5G Connections

Massive MIMO Radio

Samsung’s Massive MIMO Radio products provide a new level of coverage and capacity performance by offering the latest 3D beamforming and MU-MIMO technologies. In Korea, we deployed a slim and light 3.5GHz Massive MIMO Radio, which enabled an easy and fast 5G rollout. Samsung is ready to support all global operators with a variety of products that span several 5G spectrums and meet different deployment needs such as power requirements and form factors.


Samsung’s next-generation baseband offers powerful performance and is designed for massive, complex network deployments. The product can support both 5G and LTE within one unit and can operate without any frequency dependencies. Equipped with cutting edge technologies, Samsung’s baseband is a crucial building block for 5G networks.

5G Core

Samsung commercially launched the world’s 1st 5G NSA virtualized Core (vCore) in April of 2019. All three Korean operators are using Samsung’s vCore solution to provide 5G commercial services. Our vCore solution is reliable and offers proven quality services without outage concerns. Samsung’s core also supports flexible scalability so operators can easily deploy our solutions in their networks.

Samsung Link (Indoor Solutions)

To strengthen 5G’s reach inside, Samsung introduced the Samsung Link series, our 5G in-building products, which boost 5G coverage and offer various deployment options. The Samsung Link series is helping operators enhance data traffic speeds and coverage indoors.

Releasing the True Potential
of mmWave 5G

The mmWave spectrum is a valuable resource as it can allow ultra wide bandwidth for mobile operators. Samsung is ready to provide our mmWave solution to mobile operators around the globe and the Korean market is no exception. By building a mmWave network, operators will be able to process large amounts of data traffic generated in congested data traffic areas or ‘hot zones.’ They can also prepare for the launch of private networks for enterprises and enable future services such as smart factories, cloud gaming and autonomous driving. Samsung’s powerful mmWave solutions like our Compact Macro helps operators realize the true potential of mmWave for 5G.

Connected Society with New,
Immersive 5G Services

Enhanced broadband, massive connectivity, ultra-low latency–these unique characteristics define 5G and are enabling never-before-seen services for both individuals and industries. In Korea, operators are offering compelling B2C services and industry-wide B2B use cases, which are creating momentum and demonstrating why subscribers and enterprises should choose 5G.