Digital India

25 Successful Years Later,
Ahead to Future Growth

Ever since Samsung first set foot in India 25 years ago, we have been leading the digital transformation in the country. We have invested in two manufacturing facilities, five R&D centers and a design center that ushers new technology advancements every day. Over 70,000 employees have joined our family in India and are devoted to creating more advanced solutions and a better tomorrow. Almost every home in India has a touch of Samsung and we opened 200,000 retail outlets to continue to serve consumers who enjoy and trust our products. Samsung launched PoweringDigitalIndia, a new vision committed to digital inclusion, digital empowerment and bridging the digital divide in India. This includes continued research in areas such as 5G, AI, IoT and cloud services as well as working with various partners in India to help lead network evolution for a connected society.

Establishing the Largest Nationwide
LTE Network in India

Samsung played a critical role in the swift expansion of LTE in India. Selected as the sole partner by the largest Indian mobile operator, we helped them grow their subscriber number to new heights by building a network with our complete LTE solution portfolio ranging from radio access, core, and analytics tools to deployment services. We were single-handedly responsible for the rollout of a nationwide macro LTE network and the project is the largest LTE network deployment by a sole vendor with peak deployment reaching more than 4,800 sites per week. We also deployed a virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC) with control and user plane separation (CUPS), which is a critical function for a 5G network structure, and we are ready to support their 5G needs. Samsung’s LTE solution carries nearly 13GB of data per month, per user, which is one of the world's largest data traffic consumptions. Even with such data traffic, Samsung's diverse, intelligent optimization solutions enable easy, fast and efficient management of an all VoLTE and TDD based network for guaranteed network performance.

Providing a Smooth Migration
from LTE to 5G

While eagerly awaiting the 5G spectrum auction, mobile operators, consumers and industries in India are all anticipating the benefits of 5G. Starting with the first 5G commercial networks in the US and Korea, Samsung is expanding its 5G footprint in diverse countries such as Japan, Canada and New Zealand. Based on our experience, we will support India with a fast 5G implementation with our commercially proven mid-band and mmWave RAN solutions, including our Massive MIMO Radios. Our 5G SA common core solution supports LTE and 5G simultaneously and provides features like network slicing to bring true 5G services to life. We are actively working together with an Indian mobile operator and recently showed our 5G capabilities in India by verifying our 5G feasibility and performance using our 5G SA Core.

5G Gigabit Broadband Services
with mmWave

While many people emphasize that 5G is a game changer for the mobile industry, it can also reshape the broadband market. When operators expand their networks in areas where cables or fiber are hard or impossible to install, fixed wireless access (FWA) is more efficient and a faster alternative to the traditional wired solutions. By replacing the last mile cable to homes with mmWave 5G, operators can minimize the time needed for installing fiber and effectively provide gigabit coverage. Samsung’s mmWave 5G base stations or otherwise known as Compact Macros, can be easily installed on street lamps or utility poles in the front of users’ homes and businesses. By combining our Compact Macro with our 5G customer premise equipment (CPE) inside homes, offices and shops they can experience fast and stable wireless Internet services.