Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE)


Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE)

Samsung is helping operators to build their all-IP network and bring their customers the new voice experience



Mobile operators are currently facing a major challenge with Over the Top competitors threatening their voice services and revenue. Ovum estimated that the telecommunications industry will lose a combined USD 386 billion between 2012 and 2018, due to customers using over-the-top (OTT) voice applications.
It is therefore crucial for operators to modernize their legacy assets in order to regain competitiveness and to offer appealing communication services to their customers.

Voice-over-LTE VoLTE allows operators to offer carrier-grade voice services over an IP Network as an alternative to legacy 2G/3G circuit-switched voice service and third party Over-the-Top VoIP providers. Hosted by an operator's IP Multimedia Subsystem , VoLTE offers an all-IP packet-based service for voice that works seamlessly with the LTE network, allowing users to make and receive calls without disrupting their data service. In addition to improving the overall end-user experience by allowing simultaneous voice and data, as well as introducing native support for HD-quality voice, VoLTE also opens the door for independent, operator-hosted services which combine voice and data for richer communication experiences.

The world’s first commercial VoLTE service was launched in South Korea in August 2012 over a Samsung Network. Our extensive experience in the carrier-grade voice over multiple standards has made Samsung a natural choice for IMS and VoLTE since 2010.


A High-Quality, Enriched Communication Experience

Through the use of Adaptive Multirate Wideband (AMR-WB) codecs and SIP signaling, VoLTE provides HD-quality voice that exceeds OTT VoIP and 3G voice quality. These gains in performance introduce very little in additional throughput requirements due to the overall high capacity and spectral efficiency of LTE. For users, the difference in quality is like night and day, and provides operators with a premium offering to attract subscribers and build customer loyalty.

The flexibility of IP and LTE means subscribers can also enjoy instant, high-quality video calling with a simple button press to switch from voice-only to video. Additionally, call setup times decrease along with lower call drop ratios and higher handover success rate.

By introducing Samsung's Smart VoLTE product, operators can enhance their VoLTE capabilities through the introduction of advanced, intelligent scheduling techniques that manage interference within a cell, while extending reliable voice coverage even further. Meanwhile, Samsung's InteractiV platform works with VoLTE to expand communication opportunities beyond voice calls.

A High quality enriched communication experience

Making the Best Use of Resources

VoLTE is a central element in the transition that leads service providers to an all-IP network. Once this transition completed, it is no longer necessary to maintain separated circuit-switched and packet-switched networks, bringing considerable benefits in terms of operational efficiency, simplicity and costs of ownership.

More users can be served simultaneously with the same spectrum (twice as many voice users can be supported versus 3G over the same channel bandwidth), and voice coverage is significantly improved thanks to the use of OFDMA technology and other advanced radio features.

Samsung's Smart VoLTE solution takes these benefits another step further over competitors’ products with guaranteed superior performance at the cell edge made possible by advanced interference avoidance technology, intelligently managed by our Smart Scheduler.

Make the best use of your resources

Protect and expand your business

The launch of VoLTE gives the operators the opportunity to make voice service attractive again, and to promote the advantages of a carrier grade service versus cheap or even free but much less reliable third party players’ solutions. Because VoLTE is designed to utilize the highest QoS priority, operators are able to guarantee deliver of VoLTE service above all other traffic, providing a substantial improvement to the user experience - something that OTT providers simply cannot offer their users.

In addition, operators who have launched VoLTE have seen their subscribers make more calls (+36% vs. 3G observed in Korea) and longer calls (+55% vs. 3G) than the rest of users. The inherent clarity and reliability of VoLTE remove the frustrations of previous generations of voice service and transform the calling experience into one users can truly enjoy.

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