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Samsung Galaxy and Gear

Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra

Two Galaxy S20 Ultra phones, one in Cosmic Black and one in Cosmic Gray, seen from the rear at three-quarter angles

Galaxy Z Flip

Two Galaxy Z Flip phones in Mirror Purple at a three-quarter angle, one seen from the front and one seen from the rear. Both are folded at right angles with Flex mode. The one seen from the front has the blossoming flower wallpaper onscreen

Galaxy Buds+

Galaxy Buds plus in White, one earbud seen from the side and the other seen from the front with a plus sign next to the earbuds and text saying sound by AKG
Galaxy Note10 laying on top of Galaxy Note10 plus, both laying on their back at an angle with a blue S Pen laying on top of Galaxy Note10. Each phone has a gradient graphic onscreen and other side of the phones is the text Galaxy Note10 | Note10 plus
Galaxy Watch Active2 seen from a three-quarter angle on the button side, laying face up. The strap is undone and laying flat, and on either side of the watch is text that says Watch Active2