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Samsung Galaxy and Wearables

Galaxy S24 Ultra

Two Galaxy S24 Ultra phones in Titanium Gray. One is seen from the rear with its built-in S Pen on top. The other is seen from the front.

Galaxy S24 | S24+

Galaxy S24 plus in Cobalt Violet is seen from the front and Galaxy S24 in Amber Yellow is seen from the rear.

Galaxy Z Flip5

Two Galaxy Z Flip5 devices are slightly unfolded and seen from the Flex Window. One shows a selfie. The second shows a media player with playback controls and a progress bar.

Galaxy Z Fold5

Two Galaxy Z Fold5 devices placed horizontally. One is folded and seen from the rear and the other is unfolded and seen from the Main Screen. On the display is a note-taking app with an illustrated composition made of a photo and handwritten text that reads, "Unfold your world." S Pen Fold Edition for Galaxy Z Fold5 lies in front.

Galaxy Tab S9 Series

Galaxy Tab S9, S9+ and S9 Ultra are lined up next to each other in Portrait mode with a colorful wave wallpaper on all screens. Splashes of water are surrounding the three devices and an S Pen is pointed at the screen of Galaxy Tab S9.

Galaxy Watch6

Five Galaxy Watch6 can be seen in a diagonal line. All five are showing different watch faces with different watch bands attached.

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

Galaxy Watch6 Classic with a classy-looking watch face can be seen.

Galaxy Book4 Series

Three Galaxy Book4 Series devices are lined next to each other. Galaxy Book4 Ultra in Moonstone Gray is open, facing slightly left with a colorful image open for editing onscreen and a person's hand touching the screen with an index finger. Galaxy Book4 Pro 360 in Platinum Silver is standing folded like a tent, facing right with a colorful image open for editing onscreen and S Pen placed in front. Galaxy Book4 Pro in Platinum Silver is open, facing back left.
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