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Samsung Galaxy and Wearables

Galaxy Unpacked

February 2, 2023 at 03:00AM KST
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Spotlights create three circles aligned in a vertical row on a dark, flat surface.

Galaxy Z Flip4

Two Bora Purple Galaxy Z Flip4 phones are next to each other. One is open at a 90 degree angle and its Main Screen displays a purple and yellow ribbon-like wallpaper. The other is folded and its Cover Screen features the same wallpaper as the Main Screen on the open Galaxy Z Flip4.

Galaxy Z Fold4

Two Phantom Black Galaxy Z Fold4 phones are next to each other. One is open at a 45 degree angle and standing up like a tent. An S Pen Fold Edition is leaning diagonally on its hinge. The other Galaxy Z Fold4 is also leaning on the hinge. It is open at an obtuse angle and a colorful, ribbon-like wallpaper is displayed on its Main Screen.

Galaxy Watch5

Four Galaxy Watch5 devices are stacked on top of each other in four different colors (Graphite, Pink Gold, Silver, and Sapphire). Each showcasing a different interactive watch face to tell the time. Each watch has a different color watch band, from Black to Pink to Violet to Navy.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Three Galaxy Buds2 Pro devices lined up. The Bora Purple Galaxy Buds2 Pro device in the front has two buds hovering above the closed case. The middle White closed case is followed by a Graphite closed Buds2 Pro case.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Upper half of Galaxy S22 Ultra seen from the rear with built-in S Pen on the side.

Galaxy S22 | 22+

Upper half of Galaxy S22 seen from the rear, balancing on one corner.

Tab S8 | S8+ | S8 Ultra

Three Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablets, two seen from the rear and one seen from the front. The one seen from the front has a graphic wallpaper onscreen and S Pen is lying across the display.
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