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Samsung Galaxy and Gear

Several Galaxy S10 plus phones all laid flat and seen at an angle from the bottom. All are black except the one in the middle, which is shown with a prismatic white gradient onscreen with Galaxy S10 plus overlaid on top of it and the two phones on either side.
Galaxy Fold unfolded and laying nearly flat, seen at slight angle from the bottom with a multicolored graphic on-screen.

The new super powerful Note

Galaxy Note9

Galaxy Note9 in Ocean Blue laying screen down, seen from the bottom, with the yellow S Pen laying on top

Galaxy A80

Three A80 phones side by side, each a little higher than the one before it. One phone has the camera hidden, the next has the camera slid out and mid-rotate. The last phone has the camera slid out and turned towards the front. Across all three screens is the A80 logo.

Galaxy Tab S5e

Simulated image of Galaxy Tab S5e being carried by a bird, with a pink and orange flower onscreen. Underneath is the phrase “Tab S”, greatly enlarged to be an abstract type treatment.