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Samsung Galaxy and Wearables

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Galaxy S23 Ultra in Green seen from the rear at a slight angle. S Pen rests in front.

Galaxy S23 | S23+

Galaxy S23 in Cream and S23 plus in Lavender are side by side and seen from the rear at a slight angle that shows the metal frame on the side.

Galaxy Book3 Series

A graphite Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 with S Pen, a beige Galaxy Book3 Pro and a graphite Galaxy Book3 Ultra are shown open, facing forward with black wallpapers onscreen and placed behind one another.

Galaxy Z Flip4

Two Bora Purple Galaxy Z Flip4 phones are next to each other. One is open at a 90 degree angle and its Main Screen displays a purple and yellow ribbon-like wallpaper. The other is folded and its Cover Screen features the same wallpaper as the Main Screen on the open Galaxy Z Flip4.

Galaxy Z Fold4

Two Phantom Black Galaxy Z Fold4 phones are next to each other. One is open at a 45 degree angle and standing up like a tent. An S Pen Fold Edition is leaning diagonally on its hinge. The other Galaxy Z Fold4 is also leaning on the hinge. It is open at an obtuse angle and a colorful, ribbon-like wallpaper is displayed on its Main Screen.
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