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Samsung Galaxy and Gear

UNPACKED February 20, 2019 Live on

Teaser image for Galaxy UNPACKED 2019 with the number 10 shown sideways.

The new super powerful Note

Galaxy Note9

Galaxy Note9 in Ocean Blue laying screen down, seen from the bottom, with the yellow S Pen laying on top
Introducing the

Galaxy S9 | S9+

The Camera. Reimagined.

Front view of Galaxy S9 with dandelion seeds on-screen with front and back view of Galaxy S9+ and dandelion on-screen

Galaxy A9

4x fun with the world’s first quad camera

Galaxy A9 in Lemonade Blue, laying screen down and seen from the upper right corner, showing the quad lens camera and fingerprint scanner
Stay connected longer

Galaxy Watch

Closeup of 46mm Silver Galaxy Watch with black strap, viewed from the bottom