Do more with Bixby.

Bixby frees you to focus on what matters most.
It learns what you like to do and works with your favorite apps and services to help you get more done.

As four people are getting out of an elevator, you see 'Say Hi to the new Bixby, Samsung's intelligent assistant.' and then 'Bixby understands natural language. Just talk like you would to a friend.' displayed on the screen. In the first scene, a woman is changing her work schedule using Bixby, while you see 'Bixby understands context too, so it can follow a conversation.' displayed on the screen. In the second scene, a man is booking a table at an Italian restaurant using Bixby and then meeting up with his friends at the restaurant, while you see 'Bixby works with apps you love, so you can do more, smarter.' and then 'It can find you a table, and book it too.' displayed on the screen. In the third scene, another man is booking an Uber ride using Bixby and then arriving at his destination, while you see 'Bixby learns what you like to be more helpful over time.' and then 'Tell Bixby the kind of ride you prefer once, and it remembers next time.' displayed on the screen. In the fourth scene, another woman is giving Bixby a voice command about her daily routine and then exercising according to the set routine, while you see 'It can simplify your daily routines too. Just give the command.' and then 'And let Bixby do the rest.' displayed on the screen.

Discover the new Bixby.

Enjoy your day with Bixby.

Bixby allows you to simplify daily tasks and routines.
Set alarms, manage your schedule, or even ask for dinner recommendations.

An image of a woman lying in bed and turnning off the alarm clock.

6 : 30 AM

“Wake me up in 10 minutes.”

An image of a man stretching his legs before jogging.

7 : 00 AM

“Track my jog for 5 kilometers.”

An image of a man looking at his watch.

9 : 30 AM

“What’s next on my schedule?”

An image of two sandwiches.

1 : 00 PM

“Log sandwich for lunch.”

An image of a man writing a document at a desk.

4 : 00 PM

“Show me all unread emails.”

An image of man riding a bicycle on the street.

5 : 30 PM

“Turn on the A/C when I come home.”

An image of a woman parking her car in the lot.

7 : 00 PM

“Save my parking location.”

An image of a woman sleeping in bed with the light on.

11 : 30 PM

“Switch off all the lights in the bed room.”

Have more fun with Bixby.

Enjoy your favorite activities on a new level.
Ask Bixby to pair your phone to the TV, show popular games, and more!

A woman in an office holding the Galaxy S20 Ultra in her left hand and organizing the phone's memory.

“Start RAM cleanup.”

A woman is watching a picture on a TV by pairing with her smartphone.

“Pair my phone with the TV.”

A front view of a Galaxy S20 Ultra with game apps on the screen.

“Show me popular game apps.”

A man and a woman watching a movie at a theater.

“Set sound mode to silent.”

Use Bixby to capture
picture-perfect moments.

Reduce steps and time by calling Bixby and get shortcuts to a variety of camera features.
Transition easily between camera modes, and find the exact photo and video you’re searching for with voice command.

* Panorama available only on the rear camera.
* Super steady available only in FHD resolution on the rear camera.
* To be able to search for photos by location, turn on the GPS and Location tags from Camera when taking photos and Show location info from Gallery app settings.

A woman is taking a picture with her smartphone from a high vantage point overlooking the harbor and the city.

“Take a panoramic photo.”

A couple is looking at the nightscape. The woman is taking a picture with her smartphone.

“Take a picture in night mode.”

Two women are on skateboards. One of them is taking a picture with her smartphone.

“Turn on super steady mode.”

Two men and a woman are sitting on the street with big smiles while posing for a selfie. The woman is in the middle holding the smartphone with a selfie stick.

“Switch to front camera.”

A woman is smiling and using a smartphone while sitting in front of a Christmas tree.

“Find pictures I took in Paris last Christmas.”

Three women and three men are jumping with big smiles while on a beach.

“Set the camera timer to 10 seconds and take a picture.”

Get your work done more efficiently.

From business meetings to daily tasks in the workplace, enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow more efficiently with Bixby.

An image of a woman laughing while looking at the screen of a notebook computer.

“Remind me that I have a meeting 1 pm every Monday.”

An image of a man looking at his watch as he walks in front of a building.

“What's the time difference between Paris and Seoul?”

An image of a man holding a smartphone while standing on the street.

“Find Jane's phone number.”

An image of a woman and two men interviewing her.

“Start recording in interview mode.”

An image of a woman holding a cup of coffee while walking on the street.

“What's my schedule this afternoon?”

Stay relaxed at home.

Use Bixby to set timers, change TV channels, and control your smart home devices. Just relax and let Bixby do the work for you.

An image of a woman sitting on a sofa in a living room.

“Text Jenny and say what time will you be home?”

An image of a woman cooking some food in a kitchen.

“Set a timer for 5 minutes.”

An image of family sitting on a sofa, watching TV.

“Change the TV channel to 7.”

An image of woman leaning on a couch and smiling and watching smartphone.

“Show me the pictures taken in Rome last year.”

Let Bixby make your driving
more convenient.

Ask Bixby to pick up calls, send messages, or connect to Bluetooth while driving.

* Please use Bixby in compliance with local laws and regulations.

An image of a woman locating her car in the parking lot.

“Where did I park?”

An image of a man using GPS while driving a car.

“Give me the directions to 645 Clyde Ave.”

An image of a woman listening to music while driving a car.

“Play the next song.”

An image of a woman and a man accepting a call while driving in a car.

“Accept the call and put it on speaker.”

An image of a woman having a recent text read aloud to her while driving a car.

“Read me the most recent text.”

An image of a woman sending a text while wearing her seat belt in a car.

“Text John that I'll be there in 10 minutes.”

Bring Bixby on the go.

Complete tasks with Bixby while you're on the move.
Ask Bixby to turn on power saving mode, check the weather, or set reminders.

What’s new on Bixby?

Explore Bixby’s latest features.
Bixby will continue getting updates to deliver a superior user experience.

Create your own Quick commands.

Bixby Quick commands can simplify your tasks.
Assign a keyword or phrase to a group of actions to create your own Quick command.
Just speak the phrase and Bixby will activate the sequence you’ve designed.

* Custom Quick commands must be created before use.

“Movie time”

Set sound to mute.
Turn on Do not disturb.
Dim screen to 0 brightness.
Turn off the screen.

An image of a man and a woman watching a movie at a theater.

“Today’s briefing”

What day is it today?
Read today's schedule.
How's the weather today?

An image of a woman applying lipstick in front of a mirror.

“Go running”

Start the running tracker.
Set media volume to 6.
Play “Running” playlist.

An image of a woman playing her "Running" playlist before running in the park.


Turn on Bluetooth.
Turn off Wi-Fi in Settings.
Play “Commute” playlist.

An image of a woman in a car turning on Bluetooth.

Learn how to use Bixby.

Discover how to talk to Bixby and more. Here are the tutorials you need to get to know Bixby.

Bixby language availability

Korean(South Korea)
Mandarin Chinese(China)
Portuguese(Brazil, Beta)

* Bixby only recognizes certain accents and dialects of English (UK), English (US), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Korean (South Korea), Mandarin Chinese (China), Spanish (Spain), and Portuguese (Brazil, Beta). Other languages to be supported.
* Using Bixby may be limited under certain situations including without limitation during media (Video/Game/Voice) recording, during call (including outgoing call), docking on the DeX Station, DeX mode, Maximum power saving mode, Emergency mode, Samsung Kids Home, and MirrorLink™.
* Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.
* Currently available with Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra/Z Flip/Fold/Note10/Note10+/Note10 Lite/S10/S10+/S10e/S10 Lite/Note9/S9/S9+/Note8/S8/S8+/S8 Active/S 轻奢版/A71/A51/A90/A80/A70/A70s/A60/A50/A50s/A8s/A9 2018/A9 Star/Tab S6/Tab S5e/Tab S4/Tab A 10.5"/Tab Active Pro/Watch Active2/Watch Active/Watch/三星W20 5G/W2019/W2018.
* Service availability may vary by country/carrier/language/device model/OS version.
* Bixby controls selected apps, other apps to be supported.
* Samsung Account log-in and data network connection (Wi-Fi or data network) required.
* User interface may change and differ by device.
* To control other devices with Bixby, all devices need to be registered with SmartThings. Please visit SmartThings website ( for more information.

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