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Level up mobile gaming. Game Launcher is the all-in-one hub to find things you already love, discover more to play, explore what's trending, and share your game data. All the features you need are in one place for an exciting and fuss-free experience.

In the background, the earth and the moon are shown as seen from space. In the foreground, various game thumbnails are laid out. The games are PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush Friends Saga, Fortnite, and more.

All about games. Everywhere, anytime.

Open Game Launcher to pick up where you left off on your favorite games. The collection function lets you snag various monsters and rewards based on your game playtime and missions. With just one click, you're in the fun zone.

Two mobile screens are shown next to each other, both showing the Game Launcher Home screen. On the screens, various information is shown including My Game, Notifications, Play history, and more.

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Stay on top. Game Launcher is packed with trending games, ranking of games, and popular YouTube videos, with exclusive offers for Galaxy Store users, too. There's no need to switch between different apps for trustworthy updates—get them all here.

A mobile screen shows the game icon for Pokemon Go and a Play button below. Further below, more information is shown including notifications, friends who are currently online, total playtime, daily playtime and more. Surrounding the mobile screen is a group of friends who are enjoying their mobile games. Overlapping the friends are four bubbles that read Videos of games, Exclusive benefits, Galaxy ranking, and Galaxy gamers.

* Benefits may differ by game and event content.

Connect with friends who play games across multiple platforms with Discord

Find out what friends are playing, when they are playing, and join in to talk - all directly in Game Launcher!
The Discord overlay easily shows who is talking without ever having to switch apps.

A mobile screen shows a mobile game being played with a Discord menu. This overlaps with an image in which a man and a woman are laughing and the Discord icon is displayed in between. They are using headphone and playing the game in different places.

* UI/UX is subject to change.
* Availability of games and features may vary by country and device.