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Kids Mode

A front view of the Galaxy S9 Midnight Black showing home screenshot of Kids Mode app, surrounded by 4 animation characters from Kids Mode app.

Your child’s first digital playground. Kids Mode is a treasure trove of fun, child-safe content. A simple setup is all you need in order to get started on your Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Your child’s happiness and safety is guaranteed with Kids Mode.

With Kids Mode, your child can roam free on your Galaxy device

Protect your child from accessing potentially harmful content by setting up a PIN to prevent your child from exiting Kids Mode. A parental control feature allows you to both set limits to your child’s usage and customize the content you make available.

2 characters lined up in front of the 3 screenshot images that are featuring 'Activity Information', 'login page of Parental control', and 'Daily playtime limit' in Kid Mode app.

Kids Mode is fun that’s designed for children

There’s just so much to see and do in the Kids Mode app. Your child can dress up their newly favorite characters, play games with them and dance along to the songs they sing. It’s a world of fun that never ends.

A front view of the Galaxy S9 Midnight Black that the Kids Mode app is running and three images that are featuring 'Kids Home', 'Bobby's Canvas, and 'Over the Horizon' in Kid Mode app. 11 icons of the characters lined up in front of the screenshot images.

When it’s this fun,
learning comes easy

Download a range of additional free and paid apps from the Galaxy Apps for Kids accessible in Kids Mode.
Take your pick from around 3,000 apps designed to help children to learn as well as play.
Let your kids enjoy language-learning apps, age appropriate math apps and more that also feature a range of popular cartoon characters.

An image of a character in the Kids Mode on the left side, a front view of Galaxy Tab S4 showing screenshot of 'Galaxy Apps for Kids' in the middle and a front view of Galaxy S9 Midnight Black showing lego section in the Kids Mode app on the right side.

* Kids Mode can be installed in Galaxy Store.
Select Kids Mode in Galaxy Store.

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