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LOSE THE CORD. With Galaxy Note5, charging wirelessly is so fast and so liberating that there'll be no turning back. You're fully charged in just 120 minutes. * Wireless charging under 5W (Normal-mode) is compatible with WPC and PMA * Wireless Charger image simulated.
Actual product requires cable to work.

Gold platinum Galaxy Note 5 above white wireless charger
Gold platinum Galaxy Note 5 above white wireless charger

CHARGE AHEAD. There's so much you can do on Galaxy Note5, it's vital to stay charged. That's why wired charging is even faster giving you more power to surf, scribble and explore the world.

Animation of Gold platinum Galaxy S6 edge+ charging

POWER TO GO. Keep the Wireless Charger Pack with you at all times. Whether you're going on business trips or heading to the beach, it's a trusty companion to have.

Galaxy Note 5 being charged with Wireless Charger Pack

MORE POWER. From home to the office to the great outdoors, the Galaxy Note5 comes with more ways to charge. Because there's power in choice.

Battery packs in silver and gold

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Galaxy Note 5 in four colors