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S Pen

Communicate in new ways with the S Pen

  • Live message
  • Smart select
  • Samsung Notes
  • Screen off memo + pin to AOD

Live message

Say it with a hand-drawn message

Draw your own emojis, make animated GIFs, or write handwritten messages on photos. Live message allows you to express your feelings and send them to people you care about.

*GIFs created may not be supported by some social media and messaging services depending on the size and length of GIFs.

  • The girl’s selfie she sent to Galaxy Note8 user
    mms 12:34
  • OMG you look great! how’s

    the trip?
    Smiley face emoji
    Heart emoji
    thumbs up emoji
  • Amazing! But it’s sooo hot here.

    Kiss emoji
    Hot emoji
    Surprised emoji
    Laughing emoji
    Scared emoji
  • you need a hat, lol!

    hat emoji
    face blowing a kiss emoji

*Steps removed and sequence shortened.

Smart select

Create your own GIFs

When words aren't enough, you can say it with your own animated GIF. Use the S Pen's Smart select feature to select a section of a video and share them with your friends or on social media. You can also select intricate shapes from images to share or paste where you need them.

*GIFs created may not be supported by some social media and messaging services depending on the size and length of GIFs.

*Steps removed and sequence shortened.

S Pen
Galaxy Note8
selected video
selected video
video cropped
video 7 cropped
user interface before video recording has started
user interface during video recording
background is blurred and buttons visible while recording video
messaging app interface via which the recorded video will be sent

Samsung Notes

Tools for expression

From bullet journaling to serious artwork and everything in between, Samsung Notes gives you the tools. Use the wide selection of brushes, pens, and colors to draw up plans and create your own masterpieces.


A community of creativity

Whether creating, sharing, or coloring, the PENUP app is an easy outlet for your creative self-expression. Post your latest masterpiece for the 3 million PENUP users to see. Browse through a curated gallery of S Pen art to get inspired. Or take a coloring break with a collection of coloring book templates designed specifically for the S Pen.

  • Image of artwork ‘Untitled’ by Vlad
    Untitled byVlad
  • Image of artwork ‘Untitled 2’ by Vlad
    Untitled 2 byVlad
  • Image of artwork ‘Insectic' by Chuppylim
    Insectic byChuppylim
  • Image of artwork ‘Dragon’ by Chuppylim
    Dragon byChuppylim
  • Image of artwork ‘Daily Sketches’ by Trapasia
    Daily Sketches byTrapasia
  • Image of artwork ‘Daily Sketches 2’ by Trapasia
    Daily Sketches 2 byTrapasia
  • Image of artwork ‘Daily Sketches 3’ by Trapasia
    Daily Sketches 3 byTrapasia
  • Image of artwork ‘Santorini Oia Village’ by Eun
    Santorini Oia Village❤ byEun
  • Image of artwork ‘Dream Idea’ by Hosio
    Dream Idea byHosio
  • Image of artwork ‘Untitled’ by Grandpa
    Untitled byGrandpa

Screen off memo

Make note without unlocking

Capture every brilliant idea by popping out the S Pen to write them down. You don't even have to wake up your Galaxy Note8.

When you're done, pin it to the AOD (Always On Display) to keep it handy, or save it directly to Samsung Notes.

S Pen with pen tip on the Galaxy Note8 display which is off
Image of a to-do list as a Screen-off memo on the Galaxy Note8
Illustration depicting the items on the to-do list
image of screen off memo being pinned to always on display

*Steps removed and sequence shortened.

The S Pen that's more than just a pen

  • Screen write
  • Glance
  • Magnify
  • Translate

Screen write

Capture and annotate

Effortlessly save those long articles, emails, and documents as one image, and then add markups just as easily.

*Steps removed and sequence shortened.

Galaxy Note8 + S Pen
content seen onscreen
image of content being captured-minimap (longer version)

The S Pen. It's a natural.

  • Fine tip
  • 4096 pressure levels

Fine tip

Write with precision

When we need to take notes or when inspiration strikes, our first instinct is to look for a pen. That's why it made perfect sense for the Galaxy Note series to have the S Pen. The S Pen for the Galaxy Note8 has a 0.7 mm tip that's fine and precise like your favorite pen, so you can draw and write with accuracy. And if you need to undo, just press the button at the side to turn S Pen into an eraser.

Lines drawn with the S Pen are on the Galaxy Note8 screen while it’s lying flat and seen from the bottom left side
Fine tip-Guide arrow
The S Pen has its pen tip on the Galaxy Note8 display
Galaxy Note8
Galaxy Note5

4096 pressure levels

Control the flow

Create fine or broad strokes just as you would with a brush. The S Pen has 4096 levels of pressure to more accurately respond to the touch of the pen tip, giving you control whether you're note-taking or sketching.

The S Pen has its pen tip on the Galaxy Note8 display
Hand holding Galaxy Note8 which has image of man in swimming pool with illustrations on it done with the S Pen.
Image of hand holding the Galaxy Note8 and the S Pen underwater in a swimming pool

*Galaxy Note8 and S Pen are rated IP68, meaning they are both protected against dust ingress and are water resistant. Water resistance rating is based on test conditions of submersion in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.