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*Accessories sold separately. Model and color availability may vary by country or carrier.

A flat lay of several Galaxy accessories including Galaxy Buds plus, the Smart LED View Cover, the Smart LED Cover, the Smart Clear View Cover, and Galaxy Watch Active2

Enhance your Galaxy experience with easy pairing, protection, and power


Style to sync up with your digital lifestyle

*Accessories sold separately. Model and color availability may vary by country or carrier.

Galaxy Buds plus in an open cradle, Galaxy S20 Ultra in Cosmic Gray laying facedown, Galaxy S20 plus in Cloud Blue laying facedown

Galaxy Buds+

Enjoy dynamic 2-way speakers that deliver fuller and richer AKG sound, make clear voice calls, stream content — and do it all for much longer on a single charge.1

Galaxy Watch Active2

Easily pair up with your phone to get convenient health tracking and simple control in a stylish, minimal design.


Protect your phone, and look good doing it

*Accessories sold separately. Model and color availability may vary by country or carrier.

Three Galaxy S20 Ultra phones, two laying down flat and another standing up at a three-quarter angle. One has the Smart LED View Cover on, another has the Smart LED Cover, and the one standing up has the Smart Clear View Cover

Smart LED View Cover

Get easy-to-see notifications with a variety of bright LED icons, or create your own for custom alerts.2

Smart Clear View Cover

A dedicated UI lets you take control of your phone without even opening the cover.2

Leather Cover

Wrap your phone in soft, luxurious leather that not only makes your phone look sleek, but feels amazing in your hand.2

Silicone Cover

Smooth and slender, the flexible material protects your phone from shocks and bumps while giving you a comfortable grip.2

Smart LED Cover

Light up the back of your phone with moodlighting and simple notification icons.2

Protective Standing Cover

Keep your phone protected with this heavy-duty case, with two kickstands built in so you can watch videos hands-free.2

Kvadrat Cover

Heighten the beauty of your phone by wrapping it with a sustainable textile from Kvadrat.2


Keep a charge on hand, wherever you go

*Accessories sold separately. Model and color availability may vary by country or carrier.

25W Wireless Battery Pack and 25W Battery Pack standing at a three-quarter angle

25W Wireless Battery Pack

Bring power with you wherever you go, charging multiple devices at once with wireless and 25W wired charging capabilities.3,4

25W Battery Pack

The slim design packs a lot of power, harnessing 25W to recharge your devices with serious speed — and recharge itself super fast too.3,4

  1. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.
  2. It is recommended to remove the cover from Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra before using Wireless PowerShare.
  3. Actual charging speed may also vary depending on the actual usage, charging conditions, and other factors.
  4. When charging two devices simultaneously, 25W Super Fast Charging is not available.
  5. Only one cable is included in box. Second cable sold separately.
  6. 45W charging is only available for Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note10+ and requires use of the included 5A cable.