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Galaxy Tab S2


8.0 inch black Galaxy Tab S2 and 9.7 inch black Galaxy Tab S2

True colors. Courtesy of exclusive sAMOLED technology. Images come alive with true-to-life colors, while a high contrast ratio gives you depth and details.

top half of Galaxy Tab S2 screen

READING MATERIAL. Kick back with the 4:3 aspect ratio screen. It offers pleasant reading that's easy on your eyes and comfortable in your hand.

two hands holding Galaxy Tab S2

THE BIG PICTURE. Get more out of your screen with its 4:3 aspect ratio. When browsing the web, see more content in one scroll.

side-view of Galaxy Tab S2 lying face up on flat surface

SOLIDLY SVELTE. An elegantly slender form encased in quality metal. The Galaxy Tab S2 feels just right in your hand.

side-view drawing and photo of Galaxy Tab S2 lying face up

LIGHTWEIGHT. Weighing less than ever before*, the Galaxy Tab S2 ensures ultimate portability and hours of reading, watching and surfing in comfort.

* Accurate for the 8.0" tab based on data as of August 2015.

9.7” : 389 g (Wi-Fi), 392 g (LTE) 8.0” : 265 g (Wi-Fi), 272 g (LTE)

hand holding Galaxy Tab S2 flat sideways

YOUR PICK. The 8.0" screen is perfect for winding down with your favorite book in hand, while the bigger 9.7" screen makes movies that much more enjoyable.

back-view of top half of 8.0 inch Galaxy Tab S2 and 9.7 inch Galaxy Tab S2
back-view of top half of 9.7 inch Galaxy Tab S29.7"
back-view of top half of 8.0 inch Galaxy Tab S28.0"

UNINTERRUPTED. Creating documents or editing existing ones is a breeze with MS Office solutions. So is accessing them any time, from any device with OneDrive cloud storage.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive icon

* Service and availability may vary by country.

Galaxy Tab S2 and book cover keyboard

SMOOTH TYPING. Feel right at home typing on the updated Book Cover Keyboard. It's such a perfect fit for your Galaxy Tab S2, you'll never want to leave it behind.

Galaxy Tab S2 and Book Cover Keyboard

MORE LIGHT. Take bright and clear snapshots of the moment with the Galaxy Tab S2's large aperture lens.

F1.9 Rear Camera

Galaxy Tab S2 rear camera and back cover


  • Display


    9.7” 2048x1536 (QXGA) sAMOLED
    8.0” 2048x1536 (QXGA) sAMOLED

  • AP


    Exynos 5433 (1.9GHz Quad + 1.3GHz Quad)

  • Memory


    3GB + 32/64GB
    MicroSD up to 128GB

  • Camera


    8MP AF + 2.1MP FF

  • Wireless Connectivity


    Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO
    Wi-Fi Direct, BT 4.1 BLE

    * LTE-enabled version is available
    in select countries

  • Dimension


    Wireless only

    9.7” 169.0 x 237.3 x 5.6 mm
    (389 g)
    8.0” 134.8 x 198.6 x 5.6 mm
    (265 g)


    9.7” 169.0 x 237.3 x 5.6 mm
    (392 g)
    8.0” 134.8 x 198.6 x 5.6 mm
    (272 g)

  • Battery


    9.7” 5,870mAh
    8.0” 4,000mAh

  • OS


    Android Lollipop

  • Video


    Recording : QHD (2560 x 1440) @ 30fps
    Playback : UHD (3840 x 2160) @ 30fps