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Your new
favorite pen

Tackle your to-do list in more engaging and creative ways with the S Pen. The improved and intuitive design of the S Pen feels natural to hold, just like a real pen. And its trimmed design, light weight, and comfortable grip will make it a tool you won’t want to put down.

Extreme closeup of S Pen showing pen tip and other top details.

Precise and
smooth for
anything you do

The S Pen’s 0.7mm rubber tip is quiet and smooth. It detects 4,096 levels of pressure to provide impressively responsive feedback, letting you express yourself in as much detail as you would with a regular pen or pencil. Weighing in at 9.1 grams, it’s optimized for long periods of writing.

S Pen held in a woman's hand to demonstrate pen size and grip, with pen specifications on the left.
Pen Tip
0.7 mm
9.1 g

*Accuracy of numbers may
vary depending on measurements used.

A perfectly
matching design

More than an attachable keyboard, the Book Cover Keyboard protects your device from bumps and scratches with an improved cradle design. Its slim fit and fabric-like texture feel natural and compact. A pleasure to type on, it includes a detachable S Pen holder for convenient mobility.

Book Cover Keyboard partially opened to show the top of the attached screen but details for only the keyboard, with S Pen on the left.

*Book Cover Keyboard sold separately.

*Keyboard layout may vary by country and language.

Fits just right

When it’s time to put the Galaxy Tab S4 away, sit it on the Charging Dock POGO. The POGO pins on the dock are designed to provide a snug fit for easy connection and removal, with no extra plugging in required. The dock is compatible with both the Galaxy Tab S4 and the Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5).

Side view of Charging Dock POGO with four POGO pins in view.

*Charging Dock POGO sold separately.

with style

Complete your portable setup with an intuitive protective case. The Galaxy Tab S4 Book Cover is made with a fabric-like material in black or gray. With a slim and functional design, it’s made to just pick up and go.

Galaxy Tab S4 book cover in black and gray, with black version slightly turned up to show the tablet below.

*Book Cover sold separately.