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Defense-grade security available to everyone

Samsung phone in landscape mode with text that says Secure with the Knox logo in place of the U onscreen

At Samsung, we believe that the only person in control of your data should be you.

Because your data holds your secrets, every Samsung device is built to protect it. With defense-grade data security built from the chip up, Samsung Knox secures what matters most. Giving you complete control over your personal information privacy, so you’re free to keep doing what you do, whatever you want to do it on.

Protect your identity

Even if you lose your phone, strong password policies—including biometric authentication—help ensure that your data stays safe. Samsung face recognition technology turns your facial features into a password. And the in-screen fingerprint sensor keeps other’s hands off your data using ultrasonic or optical technology. With Samsung Pass, you become your password, so accessing your devices is not only easier, but more secure.

*Fingerprint Recognition and Face Recognition not available on all devices.

Woman sitting in a park using her Samsung phone

Shield your personal data

Built-in security measures on each Samsung device ensure your data is protected from the start. For extra protection, we’ve added Secure Folder to every handset. Complete with secured apps, storage, and galleries, Secure Folder is a separate space on your device to store your most important, or most secret files with absolute confidence. And because your health is your business, we’ve bundled it all up in your device, safe from the hands of others. Track your activity, nutrition, and sleep with insights based on your progress.

But even things that aren’t built in need security, so we’ve included the ability to encrypt your SD cards. Meaning whether or not it’s in use on your phone, the files and information on it stay safeguarded.

A woman walking outside using her Samsung phone

Secure your connections

Keep your incoming calls and network traffic private even in a crowded space on an unprotected network. We’ve created Secure Wi-Fi allowing you to browse safely on public wireless connections without fear of security breaches. All outgoing data will be encrypted to protect you from hackers and malware.

*Secure Wi-Fi feature availability may vary depending on country, carrier, or network environment and not be supported on all Samsung mobile devices. Provided for free under 250MB per month.

Woman sitting at her desk with a Samsung monitor and laptop on the desk in front of her as she’s working on her Samsung phone

Multi-layered security built to protect top secrets

Offering multi-layered security, Knox integrates hardware and software that works together to give you high level of data protection, defending your most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats. Explore each of these layers below.

The word Secure with the Knox logo in place of the letter U
Hardware Root of Trust
Samsung Verified Boot
SE for Android
Simulated image of a circuit board with a chip in the middle and four layers of blue glass with the Knox logo in the front, showing the five layers of protection provided by Samsung Knox. The first layer is Hardware Root of Trust, then Samsung Verified Boot, then TIMA, then SE for Android, and then Knox Container
Knox Container
Security Enhancements
(SE) for Android
By strictly defining what each process is allowed to do and what data it can
access, Knox prevents malicious apps from controlling your mobile device or accessing private data without permission.
Enterprise data is protected by storing and accessing highly sensitive data in the device chipset.
Runtime Protection & Encryption
This layer constantly inspects the core software to block attempt at bypassing security systems.
Secure/Trusted Boot and Hardwae Root of Trust
Verification of the device during boot process prevents security measures from being bypassed or compromised.

Trusted by security experts and over 30 government agencies

The Knox security platform is trusted by government organisations which demand the highest levels of security. Knox leads the mobile security industry with global government security certifications. These include government certifications from US Department of Defense, UK NCSC, and French ANSSI.

Received 27 of 30


Samsung Knox received “strong” ratings in 27 of 30 categories in Gartner’s May 2019 report, “Mobile OSs and Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms”

Samsung continually works with international regulatory bodies to meet a wide range of certification requirements designed to protect national interests, public safety, and consumer privacy.

Across Samsung mobile devices

Many Samsung phones, tablets, and wearables are designed with Samsung Knox platform built right into their architecture. This mobile security platform safeguards Samsung consumer and business devices.

Our multi-layered security solution runs on both Android and Tizen operating systems, so each device is actively protected from the moment you turn it on.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Samsung Note9, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, all laying back on their back. The Galaxy Tab S4 has an abstract teal, yellow, and purple graphic onscreen. The Galaxy Note9 has a blue and yellow swirling graphic onscreen. The Galaxy S10 has a coral and teal graphic onscreen. And the Galaxy Watch has a black and blue graphic onscreen.
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