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What is S Pen Air Actions?

The S Pen included with Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ got a major upgrade with a six-axis motion sensor, including accelerometer and gyroscope, in addition to the Bluetooth capacity that was introduced on Galaxy Note9. So in addition to using your S Pen as a remote control with the press of a button, you can now use gesture control to make your phone act, without even touching it.

The S Pen acts as a remote that can control your phone's camera, volume, most media apps, and Gallery — in addition to many other apps. Move S Pen in a circular motion to zoom in or out before you take the photo. Flick left or right to switch between photos in the Gallery. Or flick up and down to adjust the volume of the song you're listening to or video you're watching. The Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ S Pen puts power in your hand.

*Air actions support may vary by app.

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