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How do I wear bean shaped Samsung earbuds correctly?

The unique bean-like shape of Galaxy Buds Live doesn't insert into your ear, but is rather cradled by the shape of the opening of your ear canal, so you can wear them securely and comfortably all day long. Once you get the hang of placing this new earbud shape in your ear, you may even forget they're in there.

The Galaxy Buds design was carefully crafted to make comfort and convenience a priority. Take a close look at each earbud and you should see a speaker. That goes on the inside, meaning it will face your ear. You'll also see small markings on the inside of the earbud, denoting whether it will go into your left or right ear. Simply tuck the earbud into your ear and slide it into place, following the natural contours of your ear. It is touch-sensitive, so when the earbud is placed correctly, you will hear a sound.

If the earbud does not sound, or you can't hear the sound, the earbud may either be slightly off in placement, or you may need to try a different wingtip size. Adjust as needed until you hear the sound, then enjoy the comfort and clear sound from your Galaxy Buds Live.

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