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What are Bixby Quick Commands on Galaxy S9,Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note9?

Bixby Quick Commands are preset commands that you can use to turn a multi-step process into one quick spoken sentence. For example, tell Bixby to "Create my emoji" to be prompted to create your own AR Emoji without having to access the camera and tap into the steps. In addition to the preset commands, you can make your own commands to expedite actions that you use frequently.

To make your own commands, press the Bixby key or swipe right from the home key. Then tap on the menu icon at the top right and select My Bixby. Scroll down to Quick Commands and tap "Make your own quick command". Then tap "Add quick command" and, when prompted, say the command you want. After saving the command, tap "Add Bixby command" and find the action you’d like to perform, and tap Done to complete it.

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*Samsung Account log-in and data network (Wi-Fi or internet connection) required to fully operate Bixby features. Bixby Voice only recognizes select languages and accents/dialects.
*Available Quick Command sentences may vary by model.

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