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What is Bixby Routines?

Bixby Routines is a feature bolstered by machine learning to adapt to your life, suggesting ways to make your phone time more streamlined. The automated actions are triggered by context clues: location, time, or event. When your Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, or Z Flip connects to the Bluetooth in your car, Bixby Routines can do a variety of apps and settings—like pulling up the Maps app, opening your music app, and keeping your phone unlocked for easy access—to add convenience to your drive. Or if you fall asleep without putting your phone on the charger at night, it will shut down unnecessary functions to save on battery life. You also have the option to create a custom routine that meets your individual needs with My Routine.

Bixby Routines is turned on by default. But if you want to make adjustments to your routines or create a custom one, head to the Settings menu. From there you can see your routines, customize a routine, or select preset ones from the Recommended tab.

* Bixby Routines Driving routine only available in cars with Bluetooth capabilities.
* Requires access to Samsung Account and acceptance to customized service prior to using the usage pattern analysis based service.

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