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What is Flaw Detection?

Flaw Detection is a feature available on Galaxy Note9's intelligent camera that detects issues within a photo as you take it, and then makes suggestions so you can fix and reshoot while the moment's still right. Making sure you get the shot you want, not a blurry one, or one with your friend's eyes closed.

Flaw Detection can detect blurry photos, backlighting, closed eyes, and even a smudge on the lens. If your hands are a little shaky as you snap or the subject moves, Flaw Detection will notify you that the photo is blurry. If someone blinked at the wrong time, Galaxy Note9 will let you know. The things that can ruin an otherwise lovely photo are seen before you stop shooting, so you don't end up with a Gallery full of photos you don't want to share.

To enable Flaw Detection on the Galaxy Note9, go to Camera Settings and tap Flaw Detection to turn it on.

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